For the last five years I’ve worked really hard to put together the two amazing flocks of chickens we are blessed with.  It took time, research, mistakes and observation to succeed and my drive to get it right paid off and now, I can at least boast that I have the happiest and healthiest flocks in this part of the State.

We all know that top quality feed can be expensive; I’m talking non GMO, pesticide free organic feed grown locally by someone you know, or at least someone you can shake hands with face to face. I feed my chickens Scratch & Peck exclusively – a woman owned company started by Diana Ambauen-Meade in 2012 and you can read all about it here .

I started out feeding my first chickens commercial feed and learned quickly; that wasn’t the right approach. If I’m doing everything I can to grow healthy chemical-free foods for myself, why would I feed my chickens something harmful? Then I switched to commercial ‘organic’ feeds sold by large conglomerates and noticed no significant improvement; That’s when I switched to Scratch & Peck one year ago and haven’t had a single illness in my two separate flocks, of over 30 chickens. They are gorgeous and tell me so every day!