Hello everyone in this beautiful month of May, when everything here in our slice of Eden is blooming and blossoming. As of today we no longer have a page for Columbia Basin permaculture FB. This was my decision, not Will’s. FB took it down as well as my personal FB page. Apparently this was because I ‘violated’ some of the rules of Face Plant and was summarily kicked off both my own personal page and our Columbia basin permaculture FB page. My bad. I asked to join a local group and was accepted. I introduced myself and because we are proud of what we do, and acting as a real human by being polite I referenced our business page (CBP) and that was a no no. So was the fact that I used a picture of my beloved chickens instead of my own face.

At first I was upset and felt awful for losing contact with so many followers. My blog has been active for five years and the FB page for about three. I used CBP FB to direct people to our actual website and blog and that seemed to work very well. Until now. We discussed this situation at dinner tonight.

I feel OK about it now. Sometimes things happen for very good reasons. Believe it or not I’m still going outside to take care of projects that need to be done; interacting with the plants, soil, and animals that thrive here, enjoying sunsets, hoping for rain, reveling in the silence, and breathing. I figure it this way:

  • Mark Zuckerberg is a scumbag as we all know.
  • I’m not a cow, and most of my followers aren’t either. Herd mentality has never been my thing.
  • Now I can post once per week – shorter blogs with lots of pics.
  • Post more content on dry climate techniques.

Readers are free to check in on the weekly blogs using the url www.columbiabasinpermaculture.com any time they chose. If that extra step is too hard to do, well, what can I say?

As the song goes…That’s just the way it is….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOeKidp-iWo

Many Blessings,