As we all know, the beginning of the New Year is the time to sketch out our goals, set new intentions for ourselves, and craft the direction we would like to see our lives take as the months unfold. Aim high, adjust as necessary and don’t get caught up in the numbered order of the goals themselves. Some will be attained, some will not and that’s the way life goes.

Strangely enough, that’s how I found myself in Mexico on January 8th for a brief stint in Nuevo Progresso. Five airports and two countries in 60 hours and I believe most people are good. Since I follow the principal Heal the Healer it was appropriate to gather up some meds, take in the sights and head home to begin healing. First things first, and luckily the title of that story is I beat Potus to the border. Yep, I watched Airforce One taxi down the tarmac from my plane window as we were awaiting the order All clear, free to take off.  

I take a daily infinitesimal amount of a very specific medication for my brand of autism; and since things, being what they are in the health racketeering system of the good ‘ol USA (pushing high doses for profit) my drug has been listed as the devil incarnate and thrown in with the oxy group, with all the associated hype to sell news articles and keep droolers riveted for the 5 o’clock news.

One of my Talismans greeted me at the International Bridge

Everyone I met on both sides of the border was wonderful; even the grumpy TSA guy at one of the airports. My secret to traveling is: keep love in my heart, be respectful and gracious, understand that everyone is experiencing challenges, roll with the unexpected and keep my Gods, Ancestors, and traveling spirit guides close. It goes without saying use common sense where applicable.

Upon returning home, the first thing I did the following day was attend Yoga. I fed and watered the chickens, walked the dog, fed the cats, put the little rooster and his cage in the passenger seat, belted him in and headed for the new Yoga Studio by 7:50 AM.

The O2 Yoga Studio

Breath is sacred, and how we breathe can invite emotional, mental or physical illness into our lives, or, how we breathe can renew and refresh our physical state – even if we are facing a serious illness.  If we couple this practice with the practice of emptying the mind we receive even greater benefits.

With all the news around us at this time it is easy to forget to breathe. The mind is a very powerful tool and very convincing. When our outside impressions turn inward the mind begins to do what is does best; gather information and gather evidence. If our thoughts are affected negatively it begins to affect us emotionally and physically.  The breath grows shallow, the muscles tense, and the heart rate accelerates. Breath is bestowed upon every living creature by God and Nature and is available in abundance. Breath is what links us to Joy. Yes we can be joyful even in the midst of the negative chaos that also seems to be in abundance; but on closer examination, that actually isn’t true. The transcendent self can, at any time, call upon the One to help the mind detach, let go, and empty the contents of negative thought. When we are fearful or insecure we become agitated and others are agitated in turn. When we act from a place of grace and respect we bring joy to others around us. Right Action doesn’t hurt either – as in my case when I ‘just’ got on a plane and traveled to fix my ‘problem’. I witnessed an agitated individual’s affect as his plans to visit the border town I was staying in amped-up. I witnessed the agitation created purposefully by the media in order to profit from agitation and fear. I stayed calm and gave the girls at the front desk a free pizza given to me moments before, as an apology for some imagined mistake by the kitchen (the first pizza wasn’t perfectly round).

I have chosen a courageous path for six years, to look behind society’s curtain and in doing so certainly found a few negative surprises. That time has passed and I in turn, have passed the test. Now it’s time to move on; the difference between passing an accident and stopping to stare eternally is profound. The first order of business this weekend was to conduct a spiritual house clearing.

Emotions and thoughts are energy, no less impactful than the energy it takes to lift an iron frying pan to cook your food. Everything takes energy and everything produces energy, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly; as AA concludes its thoughts on the 12 promises: Are these extravagant promises? We think not. They are being fulfilled among us—sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them.

For six years this house (and property to a lesser extent) has absorbed energies connected to the ‘great finding out’ and in my humble opinion those energies, at times, far outweighed the positive energies of building a new life around permaculture/regrarian/homesteading and the like. Negative energies can profoundly affect the inhabitants within the walls of dwellings. It’s a well-known fact that blue light from ‘devices’ when viewed after sundown often causes sleep issues. Multiple electronic objects and devices, common in every room in the average home, produce positive ions that have been shown to cause health issues when exposed to them over time. I might be able to use this as an excuse to stop vacuuming, he he. I’ll admit I was a bit rusty, but after a little research, I remembered how to go about this. I’ve done house clearings many times in my life; for my dwellings, other dwellings as a gift and for clients plagued with unwelcome entities. I paid a Feng Shui Black Hat sect expert to ready the RV before my ex-husband and I began our trip across country.

I use drums, a metal pot, a wooden spoon, chimes, sage, cedar, pine, crystals, and essential oil sprays in specific combinations for the energy I am trying to evict, change, and invite. I wear specific jewelry and it’s common for persons to use specific clothing when conducting a house clearing. Both the jewelry and crystals are cleansed in salt water for a period of 12 – 24 hours, air dried, and smudged. My next step is to ask permission for the jewelry and crystals to assist me. Because I live in such a remote area I conduct this step outside under the starlight, and in combination with honoring the four directions. Yes – indigenous persons from this continent (Turtle Island) honor the four directions, and my own ancestors and countless ancient cultures around the world uphold the premise of the four directions too. I am careful to have full awareness about cultures, and not count myself among those who spiritually shop around – like shopping around the soda isle – to pick and choose what you ‘like’.

If there are negative energies that have been absorbed by the walls, floors, ceilings, corners, doors and furniture, they must be commanded to let go and leave. Like anything else, there is no room for new energies if the space is crammed full of old energies (or objects for that matter); so for one door to open the other must close. Feeling tired or heavy is the first hint that the space must be cleared. Most heavy energies settle and get stuck in corners. This is where the drumming comes in and it is done in tandem with the command I am making: let go and move into the next room and eventually towards the door which will be opened for the energies to leave. Start with the lowest octave drum and aim the sound towards areas that sound dense and dull. I move up in drum frequencies, then use a metal pot and wooden spoon as I work my way around the spaces.

I chose Frankincense, Cedar Oil, and Oregano in combination; 20 drops each in 6.5 oz of well water in a blue bottle; to assist in clearing and setting the simple prayer given to me long ago in upstate NY “I open this house to all that is pure and holy, we command all that is dark and undeveloped to leave this house and leave this property.” Then with smoking sage and my hawk wing I direct the smoke into the corners, towards furniture and anywhere I am intuitively guided to do so. I follow this with the spray once more to ‘drop’ the negative energies from the room onto the floor.

When I had pushed all of the negative energies close to the door I opened it and with my sage smoke and wing commanded them to leave the house. I stepped out onto the deck and directed them up the driveway and off the property. Each morning I am smudging the house with sage and purification incense.  I will clear the earth berm green house, have already cleared the inside of the truck and will spend time in the shop where Girl Kittie died on September 29th. Her death was difficult and tragic and we both need to release and forgive and let spirit make us whole again.

These energies took years to build up and will probably take weeks to clear and let go. Sometimes the right thing takes time. I’ll be cleansing and recharging the crystals until I feel a tangible difference in the energies here. Good practice. The last part will be to find a chime with high subtle soft notes and that will be used to draw in the positive virtues; lightness, joy, happiness, mental clarity and harmony and then I can begin to spray the second set of essential oils; lemon, sweet orange, tangerine. Those subtle scents will encourage the virtues and bring positive energies back into the newly cleared space.

All of this information is freely available on the internet, for purchase at local New Age or Christian book stores, on Amazon (yes even the crystals) and most likely there are persons right in your home town who know, and have experience, with this practice. Most of our ancestors and ancient cultures understood these principals and practiced energy work as a basic component for life. It feels good to re-remember how energy works in my daily life and I’m so very satisfied to have reconnected to a wonderful way of being in the world.

Many Blessings to all in this new year,