“Where ideas are concerned, America can be counted on doing one of two things: take a good idea and run it completely into the ground, or take a bad idea and run it completely into the ground.” – George Carlin

It surprises me how many well educated persons don’t understand pattern language and the part it plays in their day to day existence. It’s all around us. Geoff Lawton touched on it during the PRI online course for permaculture students. I’ve watched John Michael Greer point out how pattern language works to shape a world view and some people get really upset when the disclosure causes them to question their pet perceptions. I guess in those latter cases, even with the understanding of how pattern language influences the mind to form opinions, some people really don’t want to know. It’s tough to find out that what you thought was your idea – really wasn’t – but you believed it to your core anyway.  It’s uncomfortable to think critically – if that thinking results in conclusions that may run contrary to the very perceptions that prop up your way of life.

Critical thinking isn’t easy and I’ve noticed a distinct difference between opting to employ it, or not, as most often couched in how much effort a person is willing to take to search out and vet alternative information. It takes work. The question is; looking back, in which cases have you’ve learned the most in life, and was that information handed to you easily, or did you have to use a good deal of self-effort to come by it? Did the information run contrary to former beliefs? We’ve all had goals, problems or challenges we’ve wanted to manifest or resolve – the question remains – did we learn and retain the knowledge when no effort was expended towards its success, or when we really had to strive for new understandings?

I’m bringing this up because I had an experience awhile back that bothered me. I found myself driving in a car with two other east coast women; both women were well educated, financially sound, and well-traveled, when the casual conversation crossed some boundary into real conversation and the reality of world events and diplomacy was mentioned. A sudden and abrupt change in interlocution occurred as both women instantly and in stereophonic tandem shouted (as if I were an idiot and had lost my mind) Putin’s a dictator!!!.

I’ve had to think about that event for going on two years now, and didn’t want to write about it before I was willing and able to address it competently. Lots of people are willing to blurt out their opinions. Very few are able to explain and back their opinions up with anything like a rational discussion. I guess the irony for me that day was; I had a former belief of my own that was found to lack critical thinking.  I had assumed that they would take the time and effort to critically question the pattern language narratives that are being shoved down our throats with regularity. The event ran contrary to my pet perceptions regarding my ‘tribe’ back on the east coast. I had erroneously assumed that in a country in which an abundant number of entitlements made accessibility to an unimagined wealth of knowledge that my fellow tribe would obviously make the most of that wealth by actively pursuing alternative narratives.  I was well aware that I was deep in Trump the racist, misogynous, fascist territory but the Russia thing threw me.  What troubled me deeply was being shouted at for merely offering a different perspective that included the words Russia, Syria, and Putin.

I get it – when things are going badly and our pet perceptions of how life and society should be, it’s natural for human behavior to dictate; there’s got to be someone to blame. When elections don’t go our way or when our insulative bubbles of me-ness are punctured and we awake for a moment, long enough to be outraged, but not long enough to ask critical questions as to why are these outcomes happening then we are at great risk for being manipulated. The recent election outcome of 2016 proves that in spades. The first round of blame parsed out by the salaried and rentier classes of urban coastal and academic enclaves was aimed squarely at the populations that make up the working class known as the deplorables whom take up residences in the fly over states. They’re all racists! It was their fault for electing the new Potus. If we had ‘just’ elected someone else, all of our problems would be solved by now. I grew up on the east coast. I’m well aware of the contempt held by that sector of the country towards most of the rest of the rural working class population of the inland US – unless of course those inland persons are black or Jewish, or gay, or transgender.

There are plenty of racists in the United States and around the world for that matter; racists, segregationists,  misogynists, liars, hoodwinkers, and thieves, so how do we find our way out of an emotionally bogged down quagmire and set aside our unfiltered outrage and refocus on the important suprastructures that drive and explain what we’re witnessing? I can tell you there are two ways we won’t become more enlightened; huddling in our comfort groups repeating each other’s memes as confirmation of our half-assed perspectives, and the other is; forming our opinions based solely on one fountain of information that emanates from real time talking heads and state approved media outlets.

There are a couple of exits out of this trap of group sanctioned memes, if a person wanted to do so. The trick is to understand that both sides of the arguments have been provided by the group at the top of a hierarchy as narratives to keep those who do not belong (and never will) in a constant state of distraction. Chaos, discord and distraction sells. The profits gleaned from this technique are astronomical. https://www.theautomaticearth.com/2018/10/trump-sells-better-than-sex/.

If a person wanted to excuse themselves from engagement in the petty dog fights so commonly found in the lower layers of the hierarchical pyramid, they would start by reading nonfiction books written by dead authors; those who have dedicated their lives towards dissecting how civilizations work and those who have done the same in matters of biospheres and environmental systems. The second part of gracefully declining the consumption of repeated pattern language spoon fed narratives is to actively seek out genuine journalists, those with their own blogs who have refused to sign onto the large media outlets owned by elites who edict the stories and slant the coverage to profit their own bank accounts and business dealings.

Folks, this ain’t conspiracy theory bunk; this is how hierarchical civilizations and the elites embedded within and on the periphery of empires work. Elites by trade are not bound by nationality. They occupy the top .0001% of the world population, and by virtue of this, aren’t bound by borders or nations which frees up a lot of their time to buy politicians, media outlets, advance infrastructure to collect data from citizens, advise and encourage nations to practice mercenary military adventures, profit from nations by heavily indebting them, and profit from the chaos created on both sides. The elites seek to distract and mollify the masses by selecting categories of focus that really won’t solve any of the underlying dysfunctional suprastructures much less address broken infrastructure within that body.  For example, it would be helpful to know that our ‘economy’ (this is a pattern language word – there is no such thing as ‘the economy’ prior to the 1800’s) and its very survival depends upon continuous growth when the second law of thermodynamics says irreverently to the religion of progress; no can do. If the ‘economy’ does not continue to grow, it collapses. That’s how it’s set up folks. But NPR will continue to blather on about ‘the economy’ and play cutesy music when informing us how high the stock market went that day. The second law of thermodynamics says nothing in this universe grows steadily forever. Not even cancer. So this contradiction in realities would be considered a suprastructure predicament. It affects all outcomes as we know it; now, and in the future. A second example of a suprastructure predicament is; we have reached peak resources for multiple resource sectors at the same time. Again – that doesn’t mean there is none left, it means that we can’t afford to get it out of the ground at a certain point in time. The returns will be negative in relation to the extractive costs. These are the real predicaments facing each and every 7.7 billion one of us, and especially the westernized industrial countries.

We’re encouraged to shop, buy, spend, and debt; but we’re not told why – oh wait – it’s to help the ‘economy’. Here, let me fix it for ya. It’s to bomb the living fuck out of Iraq and kill people so we can up our GDP and take more resources.  Now that’s some high moral ground! Regarding the focus of badly broken politics; if the pattern language of Red/Blue, Democrat/Republican has penetrated far enough into the minds of the voting population, it’s easy enough to see how this first blame game involving the deplorables got itself established.  Keeping that focus – that there really are two parties and that we really are functioning as a democratic republic – is critical to the continued shenanigans at the top of the pyramid who are busy stripping assets, grabbing land, creating toxic debt instruments, and networking with one another to do more of the same until kingdom come. That’s how hierarchies within civilizations work, and have worked since they were born. Civilizations function in cycles, from the early periods of growth, when those at the top are the creative minority, all the way through the cycle when the creative minority calcify and harden into the dominant minority as the whole system senesces. Almost no one at the top wants to share or give up what they have inevitably come to believe as their birthright even in a civilization controlled by a dominant senile elite who continue to repeat the pattern language of insisting it’s a democracy.

 But what explains the second blame game? It’s all Russia’s fault!


And that’s where it gets interesting.  It’s taken me some months and years to think about this repeated historical pattern. If we think the Russia blame game is new, we really need to get a life.

Humans are hardwired for a number of things, that when employed, offer successful capture of food, water, proper housing, safety, and community membership. Life standards have come a long way since the Industrial Revolution has gotten underway, especially in the western industrialized world, but the ancient behavioral mechanisms remain the same. We have learned to identify symbols on the landscape for 35,000 years in our present taxonomy as Homo sapiens. It’s a well-known fact in marketing circles and a cogent source for the technique known as branding, which has been used for decades in our modern day consumptive lives to get us to buy something. Golden arches anyone? We all know what that symbol means. Another important tool for success has been, and is, stories; verbal pathways for handing down information generation to generation to ensure their continued success. When humans began assembling in stationary enclaves, courtesy of agriculture, around 8,000 years ago, our populations began to grow worldwide. When those numbers continued to grow, urban centers were formed and the inevitable outcome was, and still is – without exception – a hierarchical structure, pyramidical in nature.  In order to organize exchange of goods and surplus, coinage was incepted, and in order to organize the hearts and souls of subordinates within the structure; religion, law, and politics were born. Coinage at that time was merely a moral subcategory. Then along came written language.

The greatest challenge today for modern day elites, who intend to retain their top spot within a civilization’s hierarchy, is how to wield information technologies to keep control of their subordinates, by controlling their narrative through symbols, stories, and written word. For those of us who occupy the lower echelons of the pyramid, it’s enough work just to keep our lives intact, a roof over our heads, food in the house, and enough energy left over to negotiate the day to day dealings of a highly complex society. Many of us simply don’t have time to spend on anything else but the elite do, in fact, amassing more wealth and controlling the narratives that benefit them specifically, is all they do. 24/7 as the saying goes. That’s why I wrote there are no conspiracies, power struggles are real. The lengths and breadths any power seeking group will employ to have you believing that their version of the story is the Real Truth is to the degree they are successful in carrying out repetitious pattern language. The greater the number of concentric circles of influence – any one power seeking group can gather under them – energy, finances, media, & military; the greater their success for influencing your beliefs.

Controlling the narrative for millions of persons is no small feat. Considering thousands of languages are spoken, and 99.9% are available in written form, finding a way to show symbolic images in combination with written language in order to tell a story that the viewer finds convincing is a monumental discipline in manipulation. Unless of course, you’re a dominant country within a dominant civilization that already controls most of the concentric circles I spoke to earlier, in which case, that manipulation simply requires the methodology of pattern language repetition backed up by the coordinated efforts of those in power.

https://www.moonofalabama.org/     – How Putin’s Russia Weaponizes X

It’s a short walk down common sense lane to ask, as we view the landscape, why would talking heads who are being paid millions of dollars to ‘inform’ us have a much more relevant take on current events than those persons who work full time jobs and then come home to blog for a pittance and dedicate their off hours to asking critical questions and fielding calm rational discussions among their readers? Why would the big media outlets foment hysteria with repeated pattern language? Do we really believe that every dedicated journalist that isn’t working for the large media corporations is a Russian propagandist? Our information landscape is littered with pattern language narratives – I’ve broached every one of them here for the last four years and so has every other reasonable thinker asking critical questions out there. What’s with the daily doses of bludgeoning in pattern language words?;  dictator, enemy combatant, white helmets, chemical weapons attack, freedom, democracy, safety, liberate, WMD, ISIS, sanctions, Kremlin aggression, US  ‘energy self-sufficiency’ (that’s a laugh), uprising, Russian trolls, Russian hackers, fake news, insurgents, THREAT, THREAT, THREAT. Who is directing this concerted effort to spoon feed the subordinates all they need to know ?

Lucinda Williams  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37MX8LS_qTs



thanks for reading. I’ll keep going with this thread…