After demonizing Cannabis Sativa for a good 70 years – what’s with the sudden turn around on policy – especially since that demonization ruined a good many lives; ridiculously long prison terms, confiscation of private properties, and destruction of families followed the trail of ‘punishment’ for growing the ‘gateway’ drug.

So what gives?

I’m not towing the new sanitized marketing versions of Cannabis or Recreational – as if we’ve ‘just’ discovered the value of something old, something new. Believing a story about a federal government that bombs farmers, but has suddenly seen the light and wants to free a plant from the (?) list (heroine), or that Liberal States are somehow suddenly more evolved – and willing to take on the FEDs is very naive.

It’s about money, or err rather, debt. Big Debt – as in – our bankrupt States & Feds. After the economic blooper collapse of 2008, and the discovery in 2010 that the black market pot business surpassed the entire budget for the NFL, States suddenly started falling all over each other to give audience to the pro-pot dudes. Sure, there was all kinds of worried talk about ‘the Feds’ and how they would view the whole shebang, but the Feds aren’t stupid and have a long track record around this sort of thing: taxes.

More Mob bosses were thrown in jail by using Tax Codes then by attempting to document, prove, keep witnesses alive, and prosecute Mob bosses and their cohorts for the actual criminal offenses they had committed. Someone up in the Fed’s ethereal world of right/wrong had an ‘aha’ moment and realized that Mobsters working the black markets, could be prosecuted easier and much more cheaply if the Feds got them on Tax evasion charges instead.

That was a winning formula for the post prohibition era as well, although it was fairly easy to find an ‘illegal’ still, document its existence, blow it up,  and prosecute who ever tapped and distributed the results, it was more expensive and time consuming to comb the woods for thousands of bootlegging operations. In today’s marijuana saturated politico its highly profitable for privately owned drones companies to contract fly-overs with the states, it’s the states that still have to cough up the cash to pay for drones and for dumping petrol into planes and helicopters that look for illegal grow-ops. Then there’s the long protracted messy business of arresting, holding, proving and prosecuting the no-gooders which often takes years and involves millions of the State’s tax payer dollar coffers to do so.

I predicted 5 years ago, when the irrational exuberance of marijuana enthusiasts pushed forward en mass to legalized pot in one marketed form or another, that the legalization of pot would track the exact same trajectory legalization of liqueur traveled nearly 80 years earlier. And I was right.

It’s not a tough prediction to make if you understand economic entropy and have watched it’s magical workings over the last few decades here in the Empire of Disneyland Capitalism. If you want to avoid the heavy hand of entropy, the garbled pablum of Think Globally, Act Locally should be summarily pitched in the garbage and replaced with Think Locally, Act Locally if you really want to reclaim your humanity. Economic Entropy says: you must grow or die. Maybe, if you do it right, you’ll be bought out by a larger moneyed group for your stellar grow-op. The tornadic sucking sound of “legalized” economic centralism will follow its predictable entropic path to the need for larger and larger enterprises; niche businesses, small growers, and black market risk takers be damned.

Weaponizing financial tax codes, paid for by growers, to prosecute and jail other growers will succeed just as it did during the post prohibition era. I’m not much interested in getting into the morality of illegal vs legal growing. That’s the job of the (45% population) Meyers-Briggs SJ Guardians who see themselves as the in-group gate keepers of societal norms. It took that group, and their participation, to propel Nazi Germany into its height of power in 1940. So you see why I’m not much interested in moral norms when codified by that group. I’m interested in pointing out how this government controls individuals and wrangles them into the nightmare of the extractive centralized system.

Follow the money.

please tell me you’ve heard of the massive Reefer Madness campaign headed up by the Hearst corporation and allied timber magnates back in the ’40s, who in their financial self interest, dreamt up and funded the anti-marijuana propaganda as a way of ultimately undermining and collapsing the hemp industry in the United States. The hemp industry posed (in their minds) a major threat to the paper industry.

Now the States and Feds are essentially bankrupt and they know it.

After 70 years of consumer marketing the marketeers like the muskateers really don’t have to do anything that effort-full to convince a body of the population who are hungry for yummy deliciousness of golden euphemisms, like hope and change, to grab their chairs and table-up to the feeding trough of yet more novelty. Those that wouldn’t have dreamed of growing pot to save their homes when the 2008 collapse happened can dive-in risked adverse to frequenting the new whiz bang cannabis outlets with all the fervor of their wine guzzling enthusiasts who frequent wine tastings. What’s the new varietal? What’s the new cannabis flavor of the month? It matters not.  For those who genuinely want alternatives to the pharmaceutical nightmare of concoctions out there, and know the ridiculous smearing campaign (gateway drug anyone?) that took place for 5 decades; their intentions were genuine. For the short sighted whoopee-legalization bunch; they didn’t stop to consider the ramifications of handing over a 60 year black market person-to-person relationship to the centralized chasm of government. Those who genuinely wanted to grow bud to provide selfless service to help others who are suffering from illnesses will find themselves trampled by the risk-adverse (pussy) novelty herd rush to the recreational door, and the bankrupt States & Feds will hold the door open for them. The doctors, lawyers, and dentists who struggle to make a profit on their REITs are diving in as investors by the thousands, and every dumb Joe Blow who thinks he’s gonna get rich, might, for a sliver of a moment make some cash, but waiting in the wings is economic entropy of Big Fish eat Little Fish. It’s expensive to grow-op pot and the energy input required is staggering. That expense, for the small grower, will be dwarfed by the cuts the States take in regulating and permitting a ‘legal’ grower, and then there’s the final GDP booster – taxes.

With each ‘cut’ the small dedicated grower will watch their reasonable profit margin vaporize under a mountain of extractive measures. Financial death by a thousand cuts. What’s new.

The rest of the crowd that abhors the direction this country has taken to a bottomless pit of gender referential identifiers and anything goes politics can now assuredly watch the trajectory that marijuana legalization will follow; it will follow the money. Like everything else in this profit driven carnival of Ecstasy, the norms of morality will change to avoid the winds of debt as resources wind down.

Hemp will make a come back. Universities are chomping at the bit to start ‘research’ (as if nothing is known about hemp growing) – but Academia aside at least the push for Hemp is honest.

Expecting State and Federal politicians to be honest when assessing their sudden turn around on pot smoking legalities – well if it’s honesty you’re hoping for, the disappointment is inevitable.

Dupont, Mellon, Hearst, Ford, Oil & rising pharmaceutical companies killed the pervasive and lucrative Hemp Industry of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They met regularly over lunch and decided the direction the laws would take to determine the destiny of a nation.

The emerging partnership of hemp farmers and Dr. Deisel (who invented the diesel engine to run on hemp oil (or any other grown oil) wound up face down floating in a river after show casing his invention to the world.

CONGRATULATIONS; if you get in your car, put gas in it, wear synthetics and use synthetics in gas on your way to buy Cannabis at the local dispensary YOU’RE A FUCKING TOOL.