I say that because hot weather makes me a tired bitch, but cool weather turns my mood around rather quickly. Now that I’ve self-admitted…

I could not be in a better mood as our area is getting oddball 40’s and night and 60’s during the day – a total blessing for this time of year, shortly before we descend into summertime hell. I get to light the wood stove tonight! yeah! I’ll be able to get in a ‘quick’ 8 loaf order of bread and use up extra eggs on frittatas and whatever all else I can think of.

No rain but Will’s been methodically turning on and trouble shooting all 21 zones of drip irrigation for the four acres under regeneration. No small task. He’s also grubbed out a spot in the orchard garden for the 70+ tomato plants going in. That was after he unloaded the first load of 3 Tons of straw by hand (back hoe still busted) while making sure we didn’t have any more rattlers.

There’s always lots to do during this ‘spring’ season – so much so – it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When it’s time to rest, we rest – or run the risk of getting injured – so that’s a rule around here; when you’re tired, lay down. I looked in on my favorite indoor beings this afternoon and found what looked like a pile of puppies sans the canine; Yoshi, Will & Dora all wrapped together in a Snooza Palooza. There was a blanket involved. The great thing about being a little on the cool side is the low temps might slow down the weeds (I hope), which so far, are winning the ‘seed yourself’ contest this year.

My lemon balm is coming in second, along with the sunflowers, lambsquarters, parsnips, onions, and leeks

Lemon Balm

Sunflowers, with a volunteer Horse radish from the worm feeding station coming up in the back

Self propagating onions with culinary sage behind the onions

parsnips…these guys are everywhere in the orchard garden!


yep I have to pull them up, divide them, and transplant them in the 7 garden row down by the Q – Hut.

There’s a pork shoulder in the slow cooker from the 2018 pork order (Cable Creek Farm) we ‘just’ picked up yesterday from the butcher over in Coeur d’Alene that works with CCF and now the freezer’s looking good.

Brody’s not looking so good right now. His favorite hobby is eating the well seasoned critters around the property, courtesy of the barn cats.

“hi my name is Brody and I eat dead animals”

Ma Barker is broody for the third year in a row. She’s no spring chicken and all the other hens have decided to lay under her.

Wow those Rhode Island girls are tough. That means….Red my fancy pants rooster is going from his bachelor digs into the orchard flock tomorrow…stay tuned…

The Patio’s been cleaned up, and this year’s crop of oregano, mint, and scarlet runnersĀ  are looking good.

Big thanks to Jan from McGraw house in Ithaca NY for the scarlet runner beans!

The deck still looks ratty but I figured the longer I waited the more the weather would do the job for me and I won’t have to sand as much before I hit it with a coat of stain – different color though – more like this picture of my friend’s deck back in upstate NY. A memorial to the late great Mr. Higgins.

Over at bottle central, it looks like a mess, but won’t be for long. In this weather I’ll be able to finish the bottle wall by the end of the weekend. I’ll chip away at that 7 ton haul of straw in the background sitting in the flatbed…

One more mud session and the bottom of the pond will be uniform and sealed enough to hold water.

only thousands of pounds of mortar and hundreds of bottles to go…

yes, this baby is my Cercis Canadensis (Red Bud) which has NO business being out here in the intermountain west but then either do I so that makes two of us. I’ve got a dozen of them lined up to go in the ground in November of this year.

One day this thing will be a tree. Cultivate patience, plant a tree.

Remember my FB post ‘give the world the finger, plant a tree’ ? well check out the candles on this young Austrian pine, pretty impressive. he he


Well that covers about a fraction of what we’ve been doing, but I wanted to get an update post in before I post the April 13th bombing part two; There are No Conspiracies where I hack away at language technology, pattern recognition, shame and betrayal. Yikes.


And once again thanks to Marie for making the straw thing happen!