The fact is; no matter how much information I learn, how many degrees come after my name, no matter how rich I become, how humble I am, or how much fame follows me or for that matter how much consciousness I cultivate, that does not guarantee for me or anyone else that humanity or societies as a whole will do the same.

Humans like to talk about evolving, and have, to a degree, done that socially. The original neurobiology of mammalian humans is hard wired and many Spiritual Masters have tried to find ways around this deficit through the use of stories, archetypes, symbology, practices, disciplines and restraints. Science as the Johnny-come-lately has tried to do the same through pharmaceuticals, and the fields of psychology through their various methodologies.

Every single individual and every single generation born since the beginning of ‘humans’ has had to confront the same journey all over again, the journey of overcoming or adapting to the hard wired neurology of the human brain.

Shame (social behavior), guilt, rage, fear, and desire are all hard wired into the human/monkey brain.

From there it’s a cultural smorgasbord of collectively held morals, values and perceptions that make up a societal view of accepted or abhorred behaviors. What a mess!

Think of a fulcrum; on the one end are the known behavioral response patterns of humans in groups and on the other end, the use of techniques employed to have influence over those behaviors. The techniques range from soft debate to outright force – either way – they are both effective in varying degrees. TV anyone? Why do you think they call it programming?

Long before force is applied, the most affective technique for change is found in repetition of pattern language; word choice carefully applied over and over again. When carefully selected word choice is accompanied with a visual tool, and an auditory tool – for the human monkey – the success for influencing the monkey mind is close to 100%.

The quickest way to mentally enslave one’s self is to accept binary thinking. The most effective way to set one’s self free is to question the binary narrative and spend more time in between the two.  Many of the binary narratives we see today are able to gain the traction they do – for one reason: the impressionable monkey mind. The potency of what makes them true or not true is the commandeering of vast amounts of stored energy (oil, gas, coal) that any one group has been able to get their hands on and then control for their own purposes. It’s as simple as that.

We are seeing and experiencing the battle of pattern language in an era of declining energy on a planet with a species in overshoot.

50% of all the planet’s FF energy reserves are gone. The human population was 3.7 Billion in 1970. The human population is now 7.46 Billion. When plotted on a graph, the Human population increase follows – exactly – the increased amount of extracted FF fuels over time.


The decline in the Primary Economy (Resources) exerts downward pressure on the Secondary Economy (labor, extraction, factory structure) which in turn exacts enormous pressures on the Tertiary economy (coinage, digital currency) and how that coinage/currency is allocated in societies.

All these Nations and alliances are jostling to retain what they ‘have’ now, and attempting to secure ‘more’ for the future.

There are no conspiracies.

In the age of the Free Market Industrial decline we are all participants and accomplices to one degree or another. The central fact is the Industrial Revolution is over. We’re on the other side of Hubbert’s curve. From here on out the energy resources, that up until now, have powered the imaginings of modern industrial society, are on their way out. Remember – this is not Armageddon – it’s a doorway into a wealth of options found in the middle of two binary extremes.

Absurd material extravagance on one hand (American lifestyle) and total collapse (being taken over by Russia, Nuclear War, overrun by xyz) are the two binary extremes being offered to the collective republic in the form of narrative right now.

From here on out the fireworks display, techniques, tools and pattern language are assured to continue and double down the further along we get on the energy decline trajectory; and that includes fairy star dust technologies to find ‘new’ energy replacements for oil to power large centralized societies.

Notice that the hard wired emotions come up when reading this – like I pointed out – these physiological/neurological responses are baked into the cake of the monkey brain.  The excellent news is; there’s a substantial swath of mental real estate between hopeless, futile, nihilistic, and their opposites; denial, delusion, and insistence upon wishful thinking.

How do we keep ourselves from being parted from our minds and wallets each day? On one side of the binary extreme; Stop playing the lazy, defeatist, passive spectators in our own lives. On the other side of the binary extreme; Stop distracting ourselves with endless new novelties, entertainments, and addictions.

Not addicted? Cancel that cable for 1 month. Turn off NPR. Get a flip phone that makes texting difficult.

There are no conspiracies. Power struggles are real. The lengths and breadths any power seeking group will employ to have you believing that their version of the story is the Real Truth is to the degree they are successful in carrying out repetitious pattern language. The greater the number of concentric circles of influence – any one power seeking group can gather under them – energy, finances, media, & military; the greater their success for influencing your beliefs.

It depends upon goals: Quite simply binary goals; the kind used for IF/Then language of coding.

  • IF Hopeless, divisive, nihilistic behavioral responses are desired for gain; THEN the seeds of chaos and discord will be sown and supported.
  • IF Passive, apathetic, docile and fear based behavioral responses are desired for gain; THEN the concentric circles of ‘trickle down’ techniques are employed.
  • When that wears thin due to energy per capita decreasing (lowering of life $tyles), the techniques of emotional hyperbole to illicit shame or wishful thinking will increase.

This is why I talk about quietude, and killing your TV. The human monkey mind simply cannot withstand the egregious onslaught of rapid, relentless information via television, radio, MSM, and web-based inflow in the form of repeated pattern language and still be expected to think critically.

When it comes to questioning the binary narratives – use at least as much effort to question them as you use to put your socks on in the morning. Hopefully more.

Thank you for reading my blog.

I offer up great credit to John Micheal Greer for his words of wisdom, of whom I have been a student for the past six and a half years.

I have included two links for further reading on “how to be trapped”  and how to think for yourself and become free of binary traps: Nate Hagen’s piece 

And yes, for those die-hard readers out there who want to participate fully in life from the High Flying Perspectives of Humans and Energy I will finally be posting details for April 13th when the US and alliances illegally bombed the sovereign nation of Syria.

stay tuned