Will asks our Chartreux hyperesthesia cast off Dora ‘what is dat? Dat’s sumpin’ – in order to appease her with attention – lest she attack her only white pawed foot as if that’s the reason she may have been cast off from the cat factory.


I went outside to her area the other day to see what’s what with the young trees & shrubs planted four years ago. Dora shares her space with Yoshi and Pumpkin the one eyed chicken. It’s stupendous how much mulch a one eyed chicken can scratch away in a day’s ‘work’ – a LOT. Too nice a day to run off and do sumpin else so I sat on the ground for a chance to ‘just’ be and that’s when I heard the sound.

I heard the sound two years ago for the first time in my life. It’s impossible to hear it in any urban or suburban area, or when it’s windy, or, well, whatever – but not impossible to hear here because it’s that quiet. The sound of the Austrian pine cones swelling and popping. I think to myself  ‘on a planet of 7.46 Billion noisy humans I have a chance to hear pine cones popping. Now that’s a miracle.’

This short event happens in spring, along with all the other spring events; like way too many eggs all of the sudden, drowned mice in the chicken water bowls, dead mice under my bed, on the kitchen floor, down here in my girl cave, or wherever else the two indoor cat’s end their hunt. Our vet suggested we worm our indoor cats too and when we hesitated he said laughing “I know where you live and I know that house!” Of course other events herald spring; the almond, apricot, golden current, peach and nectarine blossoms, full raging tulips and daffodils, and baby rabbits like the one I picked up and relocated to the fenced-in stream area (soon to be streaming) instead of where he/she was – hiding under a tarp out in the wide open.

Dat’s sumpin.

Dandelion’s. Nothing says spring to me like dandelions because I get to eat them. Don’t laugh, because I would have laughed ten years ago, but that laugh would be on all of us now. Do you know what a head of radicchio costs in those bourgeois produce markets? Seven dollars a pound which means $4 for something the size of a softball and tastes exactly like fresh spring dandelions. The trick is to harvest before the flower blooms and the leaves turn bitter. Dandelions taste like endive, escarole, and radicchio and no they don’t taste like chicken. I don’t harvest them in the chicken enclosures or where ever the dog and cats, well, you know.

Then I kicked out this salad:

Dandelion greens


Organic Farm raised Bacon

Fresh ripened organic pears

Delice De Bourgogne Triple Cream Cheese


Homemade Raspberry Vinegar

Avocado Oil

Porcini mushroom salt

Splash of Modena Balsamic Vinegar

It was insanely good and the French triple cream cheese was bourgeois as shit and traveled over 6,000 miles to reach my co-op’s cheese section so don’t blame me. On a salad like this one the carbon footprint arithmetic says; mileage may vary.

I had to use the homemade raspberry vinegar – check out how beautiful this turned out.

I’ve not seen a mother this pristine, fat and beautiful – was it the fruit or the vodka I soaked them in before I made the vinegar? Who cares.

Spring is also a time to worm the chickens. They got a salad too, but every ingredient was from this property so they did better on the carbon footprint than me.

We’ve switched from the local feed store crumble to Scratch & Peck made over the mountains by a wonderful woman and her family. This cuts out the GMO found in all (non organic) commercial chicken feed. I’ve costed it out and yes it is more expensive – but may not be over the long run – and I’ll post on that in the future. Chickens, like most animals including humans eat less when consuming nutritionally dense foods. The inverse is true; more food is eaten when the food being eaten is garbage. I haven’t spoken to the feed store yet, so there’s also a possibility they would consider carrying Scratch & Peck. We’ll see…

…So I got a six man tent to start practicing grounding (movie link) and although it won’t withstand a nuclear conflagration, it did pretty well in the high wind the other day on its test run on the deck. This copper rod will be cut in half and one half used to ‘ground’ the occupants inside the tent. I know, woo woo, but it beats fake colored sprinkles on your ice cream.

The other half a copper rod will ground the entire library floor. Huh? The rod gets driven into the ground (thus the grounding) and a copper wire attached then runs into the house and attached to the copper strip on the edge of the library floor. I was sitting there thinking about how to drill a hole through the wall when I glanced at, a hole, in the wall and when I went to look through it – figured I ‘d see the interior of the upstairs bedroom. I didn’t. What I saw instead was the Austrian pines outside.

Well I’ll be damned that’s been there the whole time.

Will made some comment as to the value of sniper fire in the future and not to plug it up. We realized it was the old cable TV hole, of which, the cable companies have drilled more holes through more perfectly closed walls than all of the termites in North America, and have done as much damage. All to fill your house and brain with Noise Shit.

Dat’s Sumpin.

We had a Long Eared Owl visit for breakfast the other morning (his not mine) and I saw a peripheral motion while song birds scattered in every direction. No Sound means An Owl.

Asio otus

I grabbed the binocs and followed to where he landed on the old black locust fence down by the neighbor’s bull paddock and watched him for a while. Some of the birds followed him, like the Red Shafted Flicker and a few Starlings and while the rest dive bombed him halfheartedly that one starling was so upset he kept screaming his mimicking routine which amounted to the owl being yelling at by a croaking frog. That starling has been around here for a few years running his routine; seagull, Canadian geese, coyote howling, quail, croaking frog, and sometimes Sita’s meow (our cat). It seems to work, he always finds a mate.

So we have this radio with the guts torn out and Will uses it as a stand for his key board and now we have the idea to make all kinds of radios, and maybe turn this 1940’s tube amp radio back into a functioning radio.  As audiophiles we already listen to today’s digitally produced music on yesterday’s tube amp technology and the sound is vastly superior. There are points in historical time where trading technological efficiencies for resilience is worthwhile and we are fast approaching that ‘time’ as we transition from the Era of Waste to the Era of Scarcity. One hundred years beyond that is the Era of Scrapping, so why not start now? We’re reading The Voice of The Crystal; How to Build Working Radio Receiver Components Entirely From Scratch; H. Peter Friedrichs.

Will doesn’t sit and scan the internet – he stands – I call it Command Central.

He’s the engineer guy but I’m fascinated by all things old/electric so I can’t wait to start learning this stuff. He used to make very crude radios with crystal radio kits when he was 7 or 8 and from there graduated to testing rockets in White Sands Missile range but we won’t go there (literally or figuratively) because we’re not supposed to ‘talk about it’. Wink wink.

Dat’s Sumpin.

Remember the 8 ton of straw in two piles? Here’s one.

well it’s gone now, and my right knee is fucked but oh well, now the straw’s on the ground as mulch, and how about the load of trees for firewood…well that’s getting there too….

Alright. So I’ve already posted a farcical piece on the present state of this great nation – two weeks after the ‘bombing’ of Syria; Big Tent Circus and it very much mirrors the state of this declining empire – kinda like a bad acid trip. Which I have to tell you; after two weeks of analysis by the best and brightest out there, this is the conclusion they’ve come to. 

A much more serious post on the matter is in progress and taking time to put together, as it should. I said should. oops.

There is good reason for taking this much time. In conjunction with presenting the Big Picture information based upon reasoning by legitimate journalists, ex military personnel, body language experts, cross spectrum websites (red/blue, progressive/conservative), and emerging facts, I am uncovering the part that Shame plays in human societies. Shame, as an emotion in psychological studies, is specific to social behavioral responses. Of all the primal human emotions left over from our monkey days, shame plays a significant role in how we choose to ‘group’ ourselves in order to avoid shame at all cost. Because of its potency – it’s the most powerful tool in the tool box of human behavior. Much stronger than denial, in fact it forms the basis for individual responses and precedes denial.

Dat’s Sumpin.