The thunderstorms rolling through here have been exquisite, kissing the ground with moisture and helping everything turn green. Every time it rains I feel gratitude.

So, now we know – from blow job Billy, to Texas darn tootin, Chicago slick and smooth, to the NYC Agent Orange golum of greatness what we can expect from Washington DC from here on out. Not much that actually matters, and yet – more of the same.

Now the real question is what can we do about it? And the answer is plenty.

There’s so much more to living life by responding in a positive way and training one’s self to become a creative extremist who laughs more than cries or throws things – whatever your deal is.

Themes & Concepts for transitioning during the present time.

A Gift; we can receive this ‘present’ moment as a terrible situation or a trans formative experience; it is up to each one of us individually.

Slow Down; take each step in awareness. Outside forces are asking us to speed up, and that is not to our direct benefit: mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Move with Gratitude; reconnect through the Heart & Spirit by using the 5 senses to experience gratitude, and the mind will eventually follow. Hopefully without the Ego following behind and blathering on about the latest projected narrative.

Speak Less, Breath More; every single word emanates energy. We manifest the energy around us by the words we choose to speak.

Embrace Course Correction; human interpersonal strife is nothing new. Perception markers will be falling away with increasing frequency now. We can cultivate happiness in the smallest of moments or we can be right. The Ego is whispering in our ears to be right and demand that our worn out collective ‘realities’ continue to fit our present expectations – even in the face of civilization’s decline.

Cultivate consciousness; there are more ways to do this, than not. Understanding the themes & concepts of permaculture before setting out to do is one of the fundamental steps. The same could be said for life; we experience the chance to consciously design our lives or unconsciously bumble along pissed off that our unconscious designs are not working out. The present Empire does that – let’s not follow in those footsteps.

Hand formed pottery, not thrown using the wheel.

Gratitude, Grace & Consciousness

  • Read books by dead people (Spengler, Toynbee, old environmental science books)
  • Read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
  • Read the 11 year volume of the Arch Druid 2006 – 2017
  • Take a PDC
  • Get out a map of the US and seriously consider the implications of each region 40 years from now, using your knowledge of Koppen-Geiger climates.
  • Kill your debt: pay it off in one year or file bankruptcy and never go back to credit.
  • Kill your TV, forget improved versions of (spy wear) iPhones, go buy a flip phone.
  • Stop defining yourself by what you can consume, and start making something useful.

Know thyself; in which ever flavor suits you. That’s anything from meditating, faith, counseling, 12 steps (if there’s an issue), astrology, Meyers Briggs etc. and it’s highly advised to have a center core to draw from as the Empire continues its decline.


Know the World; and the list I’ve offered will certainly put you miles ahead in terms of that consciousness.

Chilgoza Pine & Siberian Pea Shrub starts in the GH

Take enthusiastic well thought out action; mistakes are excellent ways to learn more.

Vinegar and Kombucha

Red & White wine vinegar, home made bread

Revive the tools of the past; the tools made before 1950 are far superior to the tools being made today.  Primarily because we’ve mined the best ores, and most if not all of the ores being mined now are inferior. Simple white distilled vinegar cleans up rust; the rest is about drying the metal fast enough and applying appropriate oils to preserve them. Learn how to sharpen them by hand.

Second Ferment & Finished Product

Revive the technologies of the past; find them, they are everywhere. Learn how to repair and restore them – from ham radios to cider presses and the rule is; the less ‘grid’ energy required to run them, the better. Get to know the term exosomatic energy and understand the role that FF has played by distorting our views of daily life for the last 100 years in Western countries. “the quantity of material extracted increased by around 43% (between 1995 and 2007) and the world energy consumption by almost 100%, rising from (Mtoe) 4666 in 1973 to 9302 in 2013. Fossil fuels have been the main source of energy supply, accounting today for around 82% of the total energy use”

Hand made paper (pic doesn’t show it’s beautiful yellow-gold color) and a ? cat food can? We recycled our cat food cans for $120 last week.  Aluminum is one of the most energy intensive products on the planet. There are tons of ways to recycle paper/cardboard/aluminum cans and bottles. Paper making is one of the oldest technologies, for obvious reasons; written information.

Build Wealth; setup household systems that recycle as much energy as possible back into the household. It doesn’t matter if you live in a teepee or an apartment, find ways to be resilient; mentally, emotionally, physically. It doesn’t matter if you hunt to eat or dumpster dive in the city, wanting what others don’t value, and valuing what others don’t want is a great way to build wealth – internally and externally.

Build Health and Self reverence; spend time outdoors, pick up a shovel, grow something, learn the way of medicinal plants, exercise your right to breath, share your knowledge with others and learn from them in turn.

Sweet Woodruff


Treat your home with honor. It’s a sanctuary, not a dumping ground. Old doesn’t have to be dirty, worn doesn’t have to be cluttered. Have some respect for yourself and participate in your own life. Consumerism and entertainment are not on that list.

Plant a cover crop

Use a kick wheel

Catch Water

Grow Horseradish

Make Fire Cider

1 1/2 Quart Jar

1 cup fresh long steep sweet tea

5 cup fresh apple cider

1 T fresh grated horseradish

1 t tumeric powder

1/2 T Cayenne Pepper

1 T Organic Honey

Baby scoby’s from kombucha and vinegar’s

Grow Mushrooms


Thank you Sylvia!!!

Build something – even a simple something

A simple something; found branches become an outdoor roost and I sing to these little guys twice per day during feeding. They’re used to hearing me sing .

Sing Songs & Make Music


Play with Fire: fire suppression and the use of fire technologies


Emptiness and Stillness hand painted on the Library Wall. Each Character is three feet by three feet scaled up from 1/2 inch originals from the book: Tao Te Ching by Chichung Huang

Emptiness and Stillness are two innate attributes of Nature

Empty the mind of all internal desires and anxieties.

Stillness: Keeping the Heart absolutely unruffled by external disturbances.

Whelp, it looks like after last night I’ll have to get back to this meditation today. For now though, I am apparently joining the ranks of a Russian Troll.

Thanks for reading!