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Asparagus in Spring

It was one of those conversations you have over the phone, when you’re connecting to loved ones and bringing up different topics.

Will was talking to Dawn, who lives in Seattle. The conversation went like this:

Dawn: hey I’m going to the Seattle Tilth plant sale, is there anything you’d like me to pick up?

Will: yeah, […]

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Going Public III

I have Asperger’s and I am a female. I know, the DSM pulled that classification in 2012 (Asperger’s not me being female) and added hoarding and binge eating. Most of us have had to self-diagnose anyway, so if you are a woman who has just been diagnosed on the spectrum, or think you may […]

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Get Busy

Winter was beautiful this year, so much snowfall, it softened the desert and watered the ground.


We were able to get out and hike to celebrate Valentine’s weekend

There is a huge cognitive dissonance between; hiking through the geological time of the Columbia River area (Millions of years), and the minute by minute ‘reality’ in the […]

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