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Permaculture is about postivism

Permaculture is about positivism. Staying positive, finding positive solutions. It’s also about Awareness. Let’s not forget that. Water, Climate, Culture. As of late, the Culture side of things has provided a rich banquet for winter reading, a time when outdoor projects are suspended and we can turn our observations externally towards just how well […]

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Small Stuff

Permaculture offers us a window through which to glimpse patterns. As a species we’re great at the small stuff but not very good, in fact miserable, at grasping the interconnections of the social structures we’ve created.

Well, it appears I’ve made it through the dark days (January 14th-January 19th) that usually have me down at […]

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The inefficiencies of the modern home and The Big Short

We’re going to revisit the blog I posted March 2012 regarding the inefficiencies of the modern home. Three years of permaculture design and a PhD view of how things are going in this ‘exceptional’ country make this a perfect post for this time of year. Get out and see the Big Short if you […]

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Syrup Tree Project Part III The Trees are In!!!!

The Trees are IN!!!! We took advantage of a small window of weather opportunity to get the new trees into the ground a few days ago. Was the ground frozen? No.

The new ‘soil’ looks fantastic

Plenty of moisture, dark, crumbly, filled with life.

The first three years of care will be critical for these little guys, especially […]

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Breaking Up is hard to do…

Remember the line “it’s me not you”?

A line like that usually leaves the recipient confused, hurt, wondering what they did wrong. Soul searching sometimes follows, self-blame almost always results.

The break-up line is fabulously back in vogue having picked up steam since 2008.


You’ve just been laid off or down sized, outsourced, cut back, reorganized, downgraded, […]

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The day begins with a stillness…

As the sun rises low on the southern horizon and casts long shadows. This place of wildness is nestled on the 47th latitude, the sun travels at 19.6o across the sky during the shortest days of the year.

The light softens this time of year as millions of snowflakes and […]

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