This page will remain intentionally blank. Why?


Because it takes time to restore a damaged property. I felt it would do a disservice to readers (who wander across this website) if I ‘just’ popped up recipes – because frankly, anyone can do that. There are literally thousands upon thousands of recipes out there.

cup cake sliders2

What if, instead, we took a journey together?

This year, I’ll bring you along on a tour around the property; show you what we’ve done, what it used to be like and what it has become now, all through this growing season (2016) via the blog.

In 2017 we’ll explore each recipe and talk about how far each ingredient has traveled to get to the plate. I personally invite you to come on out and visit us in 2017 and see it for yourself.

We’ll also talk about flavor guilds, which very few persons (if any) are talking about. This fundamental concept will give you the power to substitute ingredients and combine ingredients to achieve the exact flavor you are looking for in any recipe you love.