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I woke up from my daily siesta this one being from 2:30pm to 4:30 pm when my beloved woke me up with a smile and said ‘it’s time’ which was fine since a fly had been buzzing me for the last half hour. I looked out the western window and saw two Chukar Northern Bobwhite […]

Jobs in the Iron Age

There lies within you the power you do not even realize you have. You are not powerless, in fact the opposite; you are extremely powerful. The first key to breaking free is recognizing the falsity of time as it has been presented to you. When you understand it is your job to stretch, move […]

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Food in the Iron Age

Before we share about food, we’re going to talk about reclaiming our humanity. Full Moon in Libra (balance/relationship to all life) is calling upon me to speak out. Two events have taken place since last Wednesday night.

One; we were compelled to travel over the mountains and into the bowels of  a city that still thinks […]

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Welcome to Columbia Basin Permaculture

Happy Equinox when the relationship between daylight and night dark hours are exactly equal on Planet Earth. This took place at  3:28 AM PST on March 20th, 2017 the position where we are located on the large blue ball we call home. This is the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese Calendar, Uranus […]

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The Devil is in the Details, 2016, a review of sorts

The Devil’s in the Details
A True Story
What does permaculture, addiction, Entropy and the 12 Step program have in common? It turns out everything.
A review of 2016
True story: four years old, standing in our backyard in Laurelton Queens, I had a thought: ‘oh no, not this place again’, call me an old soul, call me […]

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Before and After, four years into the design

Most appropriate lyrics and music to go with this blog?

Ripple, Box of Rain, Uncle John’s Band

Hi Dawn,
Signed the papers on the property yesterday.  Here’s a picture of it, with lots of fluffy clouds.

= )


Well it’s done then. The telling of a story that one man tells himself when he’s gone and done it; signed […]

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Grounded Optimism

Sagittarius in Saturn graces us with creativity and truthfulness and Jupiter in Libra reminds us it’s also all about balance and fairness along with all that expansive optimism.

I’ve had the occasion to notice some very strange concepts paraded around by inhabitants of this country as a model of how things should be, and some […]

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Yee Haa

In this space of quietude – and it surely is – other than the occasional car coming by (20 per day is busy) the most notable outdoor sounds are: crickets, song birds, coyotes, quail, leaves on the trees rustling. Indoor sounds are: running water for dishes, the wood stove rocketing along, the soft galumphing […]

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Catching up

This will be the last installment to move us backwards through time to the month of August. After this we’ll catch up to real time and move forward in the next post.


We live in the channeled scablands in the shrub steppe desert. There haven’t been forests here for millions of years, however, we heat […]

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Sailing on the Oceans of eastern Washington

Open a window and you can hear it; the rise and fall of the waves as they drift up, crest, and crash down the other side in repeated rhythmic crackles and booms. It can lull you to sleep or drive you mad, depending upon the day. The only sound missing is the clanking of […]

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