Don’t get hooked…here fishy fishy

I was inspired to write this post, in part, because although the Chinese year of the dog has arrived, we are also entering the solar month of Pisces, which like all signs has it’s up sides and shadow sides. Compassion, creativity, and dreaming are the upsides, escapism, self pity, delusion and illusion are the […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

This morning I woke to my secret wish fulfilled – ½ inch of precip in the form of snow which equates to ‘just’ under 4” of snow; which is why we rescheduled our Valentine’s hike for yesterday under blue skies, 39o, and no wind for yesterday!

A good oil-skinned coat (Outback Trading co.)

and […]

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Down the Toilet

It’s been an interesting three weeks. Yes, we hosted the flu at our house – and a virulent one it was. Not having been sick with a monster like this one for well over a couple of decades, and neither one of us having had so much as a cold in the 7 years […]

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    Rain catchment, The Cistern, old & new technologies, winter projects

Rain catchment, The Cistern, old & new technologies, winter projects

Couple of Winter time projects…

We finally got around to replacing most of the old electrical outlets, I worked upstairs in the loft and Will worked downstairs and after an hour we were done with that project. The rest of the loft – library is coming along  too, little by little. Got most of the […]

Fixed it!

In March of 2017 ‘I thought it would be a good idea to buy a different type if chicken…I thought this is what I wanted because I thought I wanted my chickens to be free range and self-sufficient as possible. I thought. We picked up the 14 little darlings, brought them home and by […]

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Back on track

Ok, let’s get this permaculture train back on track. First hike of the year took us to Crab Creek

hey look there’s our house!

Next up: set the dry erase board for 2018. Look different? Should. (I said should) – it’s missing the headliner from last year: “projects delayed due to the Tiny House and Wild […]

Pockets & Islands

Pockets and Islands…

After writing the Labor Day blog and on my way to sleep for the night Will & I got into a discussion that wrapped itself around the latest events of Harvey, Irma and the fact that the West was on fire. Maria hadn’t even happened yet.

There are good reasons for my choice […]

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Green Day, the values we love

Wow, what a visit. Over the mountains (and through the hills) ….nothing like it to stir up inspiration and heap on gratitude like a trip to the West side.

My head is reeling from taking in all of the goodness and all of the insanity that goes on ‘outside’ in the world. We wanted to […]

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Mud Day

Saturday was mud day. My nick name is superlative girl (usually) so I’ll take the liberty of saying when we saw the size of the pump truck all I could think was “spectacular” and “hydraulics they’re amsome”. I love mud and it shows.

Right up front – I’m not anti-technology and that should be clearly […]

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A Question of Balance

Happy Samhain Everyone

I got around to penning this in October when Libra and her various partnered planets began to aspect one another, and thus reveal the ideas of balance and potential challenges to balance. I have a lot to learn about balance. I’ve never been that great at it. Don’t know if it’s an […]

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