Happy New Year: How to clear energies in the home

As we all know, the beginning of the New Year is the time to sketch out our goals, set new intentions for ourselves, and craft the direction we would like to see our lives take as the months unfold. Aim high, adjust as necessary and don’t get caught up in the numbered order of […]

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Weaponizing Language

“Where ideas are concerned, America can be counted on doing one of two things: take a good idea and run it completely into the ground, or take a bad idea and run it completely into the ground.” – George Carlin

It surprises me how many well educated persons don’t understand pattern language and the part […]

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Thesis:  a beginning proposition called a thesis,

Antithesis: (2) a negation of that thesis called the antithesis,

Synthesis: (3) a synthesis whereby the two conflicting ideas are reconciled to form a new proposition.

Bear with me while I attempt to scratch out some of these philosophical approaches to reconciliation.

Thesis: An Industrial Revolution: A proposition that promises wealth […]


‘Don’t be a baby’

– Wednesday Addams

When our arboreal allies let senescence and gravity do their respective jobs – by chucking their leaves to the ground – we know it’s time to go retrieve a load of clean double string straw bales. This year at the last minute I found out our usual guy decided […]

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‘If it weren’t for hot baths and whiskey I’d be a dead man’

– Oregon Rancher

It’s 6:15 AM, Civil Twilight, when I get into my work clothes; boots on, gloves on, Carhartt Jacket and ready myself for the eighteen degree temperature outside. I am the Fairy Godmother of hot water. The food is down and […]

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    Grow or Die: Economic Entropy & The Legalization of Reefer, Weed, Mary Jane, Pot

Grow or Die: Economic Entropy & The Legalization of Reefer, Weed, Mary Jane, Pot

After demonizing Cannabis Sativa for a good 70 years – what’s with the sudden turn around on policy – especially since that demonization ruined a good many lives; ridiculously long prison terms, confiscation of private properties, and destruction of families followed the trail of ‘punishment’ for growing the ‘gateway’ drug.

So what gives?

I’m not towing […]

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    Life, death, and love; coming face to face with the Trickster

Life, death, and love; coming face to face with the Trickster

The practice that I experimented with at Wheaton Labs – of having no expectations – worked so well I decided to add another level when I visited Ithaca NY; be present in every moment and treat each person and being you love; as if you’ll never see them again. It was fascinating to experience […]

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full berry moon month 2018

This Year’s Cake?

Why it’s the Jelly Doughnut cake of course!

I didn’t feel like doing a dacquoise cake for all sorts of reasons; there’s too much sugar due to the meringue, it wouldn’t cut correctly for a birthday cake, and would turn into a mess as soon as the jams interacted with the hardened meringue […]

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Trip to Wheaton Labs Part 2

I have to admit I was ecstatic when the invite from Paul to visit the Wheaton labs came through. We’d wanted to get there for a couple of years now, but never could make it for a variety of reasons. This time when Will mentioned the invite to me I held my breath and […]

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Happy Solstice Everyone!!!!

What an auspicious day, this June 24th to stop and offer a solstice word or two. Last week I finished banging out a hand fashioned cage of sorts for Ma Barker over in the Orchard Coop to keep her and her brood safe and contained, and wouldn’t you know she nearly beat me to […]

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