Everybody loves a circus!

Clown show, Kabuki warfare, Monty Python Ministry of Silly (Bombing), Midgets, Marx Brother’s, Jackass 1 -7, and Pee Wee’s Playhouse all rolled into one giant production!

Do I take my coffee black at Starbuck’s or ask for it dark & bitter like my ex-relationships? That might include, of course, my participation in a Nationalist relationship, if we could ever figure out what exactly constitutes a relationship, as we descend into who-said-what land.

Laughable, ridiculous, horse’s ass, world embarrassment;  as in embarrassment for us – not the other way around. Laughing stock comes to mind repeatedly if it weren’t for the Monkey with the hand grenade thing.

“There’s nothing uniquely Trumpian in this sort of silliness, to be sure; the mock war against jihadi terrorists was launched by the younger Bush and pursued with unflagging enthusiasm and utter fecklessness by Obama, and indeed such futile gestures have been standard bipartisan practice for American presidents for a good many decades now.  For that matter, the maximal theater and minimal effect of our military gestures in the Middle East are arguably par for the course from a nation whose health care industry doesn’t care for anybody’s health, whose education system long ago stopped even trying to educate, whose Democratic Party has nothing but contempt for democracy, and whose Republican Party displays an equal contempt for the res publica, the public good from which the entire concept of a republic derives.

At the end of an age of abstraction, such absurdities are par for the course. At some point in the not too distant future… it’s pretty much a given that the US is going to run face first into an opponent that takes war a good deal more seriously than we do, and by the time the dust settles it’s anyone’s guess whether the United States will have the same system of government—or for that matter, whether it will still exist as a single nation.” AD

For 15+ years in this household the analogy for the POTUS operated Circus has been; the biggest drunk in the room. Slurring, telling stories, then suddenly becoming charming and coherent, captivating and assuring (almost likable) only to order up another drink and descend back into incoherency and bombastic braggartism. What a show! The rest of the economic party goers, now trapped in the same room, are appeasing the drunk just long enough for the head bob to happen so they can make for the exits.

Our late stage decrepitcy is a theatre in abstraction (case in point made up words are all the rage). Shocking electoral outcomes and tweets a plenty and we’re back on the world stage as the biggest drunks in the room. We always do it bigger and better than anyone else here in Big Tent Circus land; high flying acts of gender bending, the tumbling bumbling of political party 7 tier human layered contortionists, the bare footed tutus bedecked riders astride the horse you rode in on. It’s all here under one big tent. No Circus is complete without Midgets though I believe the politically correct term in today’s parlance is little people.

Mental Midget is still a go and that term is being flung around by Circus spectators with predictable regularity like a striped donkey on Metamucil. Like a Saturday morning episode of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, the secret word of the day, for some time now, has been RUSSIA! With equal predictability.

Spectators all find something to love at the Circus, although the stats say Clowns are the number one fear factor but that doesn’t stop the little people across the land from attending – after all  – everyone can find common ground on whatever it is – we’re against it!

All for a ticket to the greatest show on earth of ignorant opinions, reactive oohs and ahhs and the potential spectacle of watching someone fall from the ropes at any moment. The popcorn business idea is the one to latch onto right about now if you’re thinking about how to generate more income!


So come one, come all, find your seat, and watch the show.