It’s been an interesting three weeks. Yes, we hosted the flu at our house – and a virulent one it was. Not having been sick with a monster like this one for well over a couple of decades, and neither one of us having had so much as a cold in the 7 years we’ve known each other we revisited that time old tradition of watching days fly by in a hazy deluge of Netflix-Amazon movies and TV documentaries.

It’s strange, the places a mind will travel when the body gives out and the time sensitive analytical part of the brain goes on vacation. This kind of trip down the rabbit hole of illness forces a person to judiciously reserve any energy for three things; chicken chores, cat feeding and keeping the heat going in the house, however that works out.

The rest is gravy. A general malaise and nausea meant I wasn’t much concerned about eating.

Of course we continued to touch base with family and loved ones through phone calls and texts; a marriage here, a birthday there,  a trip to Madi Gras, how’s the weather, what’s the CDC doing about the national flu epidemic, who’s lining up medical procedures, who’s going on a cruise. That sort of thing.

Meanwhile millions of bloggers, in a three week period, put out articles and updates; and that’s in this country alone, many more millions of bytes of information passed through the WWW from a ‘someone’ to thousands of other ‘someones’ interested in reading what the ‘someone’ had to say. The content and subject material was as varied as the humans who wrote and read the information.

That is, all except one topic; the relentless unending goal of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States in their Hell-bent pursuit of toppling Syria and getting the pipeline through. That topic and goal simply won’t budge from the pentagon and Anglo-Zionist agenda. Won’t budge. It hasn’t budged since 911, or the Arab spring and shows no sign of letting up or letting go no matter what.

I for one could say I gave it a really good shot over the last three weeks to not think about it, and he’d agree with me; my job was to watch as many informative videos as possible in the hopes of piercing some new reality about life as a human on the north American continent. We watched geology lectures and learned we stand on ¾ of a mile thick basalt laid down in repeated eruptions for 10 million years, we learned about the Universe; quasars, pulsars, super novas, galaxies, star births, this solar system, the formation of our own planet and the fact that the sun, our sun, will go red giant in 3.75 Billion years.

Hell, we even know that our nearest galaxy Andromeda will merge with our own Milky Way galaxy in 4 Billion years. We learned that our best astrophysicists are using all available technology to discern the why’s and wherefores of the black hole that lays in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, gobbling up stars as I write this.

We bought the book Fleeing Vesuvius recommended by David Korowicz in his incredible interview in titled “How to be trapped” in which he answers questions about human behavior and the difficulties of coming to terms with Limits to Growth – green technology and all.


He points us to the psychological roots of resource overconsumption; a brilliant essay written by Nate Hagens. I’ll give you the short version of Nate’s essay: Westerners, especially American westerners are living with Dopamine burn-out driven by the need for status and novelty, a notion now being backed up by multiple psychological fields studying social media and technology.


We are a nation of addicts with Dopamine burn-out and a full blown case of ADD.

We can’t shut up and we can’t sit still.

That takes an enormous amount of energy to keep the mental circus going.

Even for those who haven’t taken a rudimentary class in physics, where on Earth do we think that ever- increasing-amount-of-energy is going to come from?

So I tried, I really did, to let three weeks go by, in the hopes that this floundering, yammering, bankrupt and distracted culture would not produce another Russia Sucks headline or another We’re Bombing Syria into Democracy headline. I’m already nauseous, why push it?

Every astrophysicist interviewed said the same line ‘what we see now will change, will come to an end’ which places them in closer company with persons of all faiths, who also happen to believe this to be true. Motorcycle adventure riders like Walter Colebatch and day jobbers tasked with transporting goods along the most remote (and highest altitude) roads on the planet often have two things in common; the nature of their travels brings them into close contact with indigenous communities, and, well, the forces of nature herself.

A view on the Sibirsky Extreme trail

The Sibirsky Extreme trail


Bolivia – Andes

An Andean route truck driver crosses himself and visits high altitude (15,000’) altars to ask for protection, Quechuan medicine men and women burn offerings and pray for the safety and forgiveness for travelers using the roads (cut into mother earth’s skin), a Delhi driver stops to light incense and ask for protection on the Manahli-Leh highway, another driver passes pilgrims on their way by foot to Lhasa Tibet along the Sichuan-Tibet Chinese high road.


The other striking feature is; outside major cities; from the Stans (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan) to the arctic circle in Siberia, from the mountains of the Philippines, Tibet, and Andes; every town is unique, the small shops, markets, produce offerings, local dialects, familial & community clans. There is very little homogeneity throughout most of the world. There is a maturity of acceptance.

Bolivian Market

Kyrgyzstan markets


local dried fruits and nuts

Nenet Home arctic circle Siberia

Nenet woman working

In stark contrast, this state of mature acceptance is conspicuously absent from the american cultural landscape of demand homogeneity. We’re elbows and assholes neck deep in a hypercritical liberal perspective, a juvenile neurotic secular dysfunction of meretricious hand waving and quixotic rhetoric.

I think we all know deep down inside; the only reason why the world bothers to listen to our blustering and bombastic showmanship is because we are the planet’s most dangerous narcissistic politico & military machine.

‘If you can’t be happy with what you have, how could you be happy with more?’ the saying goes. I think we’ve proven the result of that in spades; a population so over-saturated in stuff and so completely obsessed with more dopamine hits, the answer is; you cannot.

A population of emotional sock puppets waiting for the next que to quip, with our sock puppet mouths the virtue signaling of our in-group: we too know about that viral video, Hollywood line, latest trend, this year’s hot color. It’s all so much hot yoga foodie truck upcycling LOL down-vote microbrew play-date Botox bling hashtag FB Starbucks Amazon Prime me too# take a knee  sustainable bottled water bullshit.











It’s very peaceful here. So many birds and animals have come to join us. We know it won’t last forever – time and place change constantly in this Universe – and for now we are granted this beautiful space courtesy of geological processes. The red shafted flicker overwintered; the pheasants and northern bobwhite have too. I’m confident about the plant species selections I’ve made to add to the property inventory this year. 15 million years ago the giant caldera that now occupies Yellowstone was just south of us and has blown roughly every 650,000 years

as the North American plate has slid over it on its way west to continue colliding with the Pacific Plate, so there really is no need to get extremely neurotic about the ‘right’ species when it comes to mass extinctions. And it always does.

You see, my point is; for all the dick swinging five star generals, for all the Bushes, Obamas, Bidens, Oprahs, Nikki Halley’s of the world, (and so many more I didn’t bother to list), the Earth, our Earth is already on course to change substantially, as is the sun, the galaxy, and the Universe itself – back to total dissolution and darkness, so why rush it?

What it is it we really need so badly, that we don’t have enough of, here in soul gobbling ‘Merica that we have to speed up the process of destruction by fucking up so many other countries and causing so much misery and suffering pro-bono ‘just’ because (for now) we can?


What is it we’re so unhappy with?

Many Blessings to all the world’s Indigenous peoples, and those who know how to be quiet and grateful for what they have. May the US suffer a serious heart attack soon, so the rest of the world can rest for awhile.