Wow, what a visit. Over the mountains (and through the hills) ….nothing like it to stir up inspiration and heap on gratitude like a trip to the West side.

My head is reeling from taking in all of the goodness and all of the insanity that goes on ‘outside’ in the world. We wanted to spend time with people we love and people who inspire us but given the ride we knew to choose a hotel, so we chose this one in an old renovated building with real working iron radiators

and hitched our T-day dinner to the affair downstairs where our guests were married three years ago. Did I mention our guests are in their 90’s?

We had a great time but noticed as we looked around there weren’t many happy faces. Why do we do the things we do just because this culture says so? We wanted to spend time with our people because they have lived such incredible lives building cabins from scratch on the slopes of Mount Baker, living in Yellowstone Park in the early 1930’s – before it became the shit-hole circus it is now. They believe in what we’re doing; opting to live the life we’re making. That is why they are passing down to us inherited weaponry like this blunder buss


…additional Apache baskets made by family members (like the ones I’ve formerly posted pics of), bee keeping equipment and hand tools made in from the 1920’s – 1940’s.

The stories are rich; running home for supper to the Mount Baker cabin and accidentally leaping over a sleeping mountain lion. Being surprised by a mother Buffalo & calf while out on a walk in Yellowstone.

Magic follows magic.

From the third story of the hotel room I looked out into the early morning darkness to see two Columbia black tail deer walk down the street in the rain and turn into an alley way, on the ride from the hotel to our guest’s home a coyote in broad daylight walked across the road.

In the years ahead, when the time is right, Nature will have no problem reclaiming what is hers; the highways, the parking lots, each and every empty structure.

We came home with a 23 page manuscript written by a family member about her recollections living in the Colorado West in the late 1800’s / early 1900’s and frankly not much has changed regarding the behavior of humans in general. Social movements come and go and some make traction but to make the mistake of thinking our time is somehow special in its flavor of the month advancements or tragedies is very much missing the point; it’s all a cycle, not a line of progress.

Turned on the tap in hotel room and was greeted by the overwhelming smell of chlorine. Forgot about that situation in my short five years here of drinking cold sweet water from the sub aquifer.

Stopped to see a friend of mine that helped me ‘back in the day’ when things weren’t going so well, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to repay all of the kindness he extended to me during that time. I’ll try my damnedest. He continues to inspire and because of the nature of his character Will enjoys spending time with him (and Will doesn’t like most people), because our friend doesn’t watch TV,

grows his own gardens, keeps his own bees, blazes his own trail, plus without a woman around, he gets to do crazy stuff like brew buckets of Kombucha Fire Cider all over the house. He is without a doubt our other side of the mountain ally; we have each other’s back.

While we were gone we had the first time experience of being able to relax because Dawn was holding down the homestead alone; something she opted to do to ensure the animals were all OK and for security reasons of in-town break-ins. We could be accused of being Liberal at heart in our take of the world, probably tree huggers too (since we grow so many), but we’re also heavily armed.

To top it all off she made a full blown Turkey dinner which we devoured on Saturday and that brings me to the idea of Green Day as a response to Black Friday. Chris Martenson’s satirical video helped me think about this subject; otherwise I wouldn’t have given it much attention other than noticing every shopping parking lot was full as we sped by on I-5 on the way home. Georgie Bush would have been proud to know our citizenry is still obeying the law uttered in the days after 911 “just go shopping”.


Green Day is a super positive proactive way of saying in response.

Fuck that.

I’ll chart my own course, determine my own values, identify what matters to me & for me and stick to that quote I heard recently; am I a prisoner of my past or a pioneer of my future? The latter please.

I’m not a consumer, I’m a human Being. Can’t foist off the slick Willie shit on me anymore. I know what I’ve got and all of it is valuable; non chlorinated water, a star lit sky, silence, cared for antiques useful older technology, as much as possible homemade & home grown, solid friends, sacred family, simplicity & generosity with a heaping of honest hard work and self-accountability.

Put that in Georgie’s consumer crack pipe and smoke it.

My dearest old timie friend came to visit and fell in love with what we’re doing here, so she’s checking out the real estate in the area and sent me a link to a place near here ‘for sale’ – which is an abhorrent concept to us – the ownership and selling of the earth. Any way this property for sale looked like another desolate piece of poop just as this one did a few years back and was being ‘offered’ for way more than Will paid for this gig. But in a country as soulfully empty as this one I guess the trumpet calls continue, for blowing the bubbles till the cows come home.

For Sale – $1

Doesn’t matter, the point is, this listing made me even more grateful. There’s nothing like comparison and contrast to wake me out of my (sometimes) myopic view of what I’ve got to do today and open up my view to the paradise we’re already co-creating by living within our means, and applying simplicity, contentment, and purposeful effort to the mix.

And that brings me to the tiny house. It could be said that my headstone will read ‘she gave others way too much credit’ and that would be true. Recently I attempted to extend the benefit of the doubt to the builder. That was two months ago. I’m formally retracting that sympathy as of now, not having heard squat from said builder but a bunch of blustering arrogant insecure dust throwing when asked simple questions to help us finish ‘our end’ of the work – which BTW is nearly done on time, per the contract.








Word around this place is as soon as phase one is completed those containers will be shipped here and set and we’ll finish the rest. There’s quite a difference between some shiny consumerist pics on FB and the raw down and dirty specs on the ground. When someone is proving themselves to be a wing nut, it’s best to face the reality of the situation. We used to say in the home loan business “do you want the pretty lie or the ugly truth?”

Winter’s coming and we’re more than capable of adjusting as necessary to get Dawn out of her tin can camping experience and into the library loft and third bedroom upstairs. Once the containers are here we’ll do what we have to do to make it happen, in our own organized way, now that the property is settling into some very solid systems and routines.

In the meantime Will has found a Brainiac over in Idaho   who is making the RMH with innovations that we’ll be using as we grow our small forest into fuel producing trees (without having to cut them down), and I’ll be launching Karl’s kombucha Fire Cider recipes over the winter.









Happy Green Day,