Saturday was mud day. My nick name is superlative girl (usually) so I’ll take the liberty of saying when we saw the size of the pump truck all I could think was “spectacular” and “hydraulics they’re amsome”. I love mud and it shows.

Right up front – I’m not anti-technology and that should be clearly stated. Geoff Lawton pointed out if it’s available now, and you can use it now, then by all means do so. The sheer power of the combustion engine coupled with hydraulics of this magnitude put me in a state of awe, so I snapped some shots and so did Dawn.

Working out a strategy

The pump truck came from one town, the concrete truck came from another State and the logistics of timing had to be spot on.

Timing is everything

On an easy Saturday morning the pump truck driver had a choice between his 17′ footer or the 42′ footer, and rambled this thing out for fun.

Over kill

The whole project wrapped up in less than three hours; with extra concrete to spare we filled the wheel barrows and finished a few other jobs. Two hours into the project I was renamed Mud Girl.

Nothing fancy; A Propane Tank platform, ramp to the storage container,  back entrance of the earth berm GH, a new chicken feeding station.


The tubes were double wrapped in bubble wrap, tarped individually then tarped again as a whole unit. We get our tarp from a few nice guys over at the wheat station.  In exchange for bottles of whisky we receive the left over tarps from last year’s wheat covers. The weather cooperated and the concrete has started to set. It took a while to form the rebar cages we placed inside the tubes but they were ready to go when the trucks showed up.

These tubes are 24″ in diameter, expensive and required a long drive to retrieve back to the property

Working in tandem, one person pumped the concrete into the sonotube, the second person vibrated the air out with a solid heavy long necked vibrator (rental) while the third person controlled the on/off switch and smoothed over the hole left from extracting the vibrator. When all done, we went back and smoothed off the tops of every tube.

Not gonna lie; setting, cutting and leveling the tubes was a bitch and the last final check of leveling was done in the dark. So it goes.

Now it’s done.

What the?

Next year I look forward to getting a truck load of sacks to start the tire/glass walls – something I wasn’t able to get to this year. All of the glass bottles brought onto this property are getting recycled one way or another into secondary useful purposes. There’s enough space on the propane tank platform to add another tank and plumb through the wall to the storage container interior. Glass blowing anyone?

All in all, lots ‘o logistics, phone calls, digging, cutting, leveling (most of which I wasn’t a part of) and on the final day (which I was a part of) we finished it off and hit the Tribune Smokehouse for dinner to celebrate another win.


thanks for reading