Happy Samhain Everyone

I got around to penning this in October when Libra and her various partnered planets began to aspect one another, and thus reveal the ideas of balance and potential challenges to balance. I have a lot to learn about balance. I’ve never been that great at it. Don’t know if it’s an Asperger’s thing or not, but first guess would be: yep. I remember one instance studying for days to prepare for a test at Cornell when a friend called and after about 10 minutes into the conversation asked me if I had eaten anything that day. I replied, uh, coffee. She laughed at me and said “Sheila coffee’s not a food group, I’m coming over and taking you to the State Street Diner!”

There have been times in my life when I’ve been able to establish a routine, but those have been far and few between given my penchant for learning new things, my love for traveling geographically and my drive to deep dive into the rich multilevel layers of the human experience. I want to know. What is it like to be this human body on this strange planet strung out on the Orion arm, a spur in the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy?

The word on the astrological street way back in March was; the Virgo full moon in dreamy Pisces will beckon to those of us who have unfulfilled dreams by posing the question: I see you have a dream so what’s your plan? Pisces is a dreamer and Virgo wants none of that. So it was reckoning time for many. All the wishing, hoping & fantasizing won’t materialize if you don’t get off the couch and stop surfing Pinterest, Youtube and FB. Faith without works is dead – and that can be painful.

  Pisces vision meets Grounded Earth manifestation of the dream

That kind of conflict has never been my deal; my wrestling match is with Saturn the planet of Fear and Limitations, but that’s another story. Saturn already kicked my ass and dropped me here and this is where I stay put. Hard work is no stranger in my life. Astrologers advised: Six long months of heavy lifting induced by Virgo’s energies; accountability, details, planning, service to others, and don’t forget to rest (health), this one’s gonna be a long haul. What’s right is right and the three of us saw there’s no use in fighting the energies of the Universe when opportunity knocks, so let’s do this thing.

It’s been quite a year.




Proper Placement with the help of a rented backhoe

And now the chainsaw does the work, with a little help from Will. Big thanks to Sylvia for taking this pic!

My Gym exercise room

Then, in October, with Virgo having put us through the paces (sometimes overwhelming) those energies began to slack off and in the midst of taking a breath, Libra (balance, harmony, cooperation) took over the classroom – not without a fight from ‘me first’ enthusiastic Aries.

My last post entitled Stuff  prompted an email from a good friend of mine: ‘ This is a lady in one of the local farm groups I follow – she is sounding like someone else I know …’

“I’ve been crossing out things all week from my fall to do list for the homestead. Harvested the remaining red ripper peas, pulled away the plants and planted the remaining beds in the orchard garden. Hoed and weeded the ripening popcorn, planted cereal rye and planned to clean the wasp nests out of the tractor, hoist the car battery into it, change out the bush hog for the box scraper and fix the washed out driveway”.

White carrot seeds

Five years ago, we set the intention for the property and our lives to reflect the energies of an Ashram Grad school; a place to cultivate intellectual learning and Mindful reflection. We have intentionally given up a lot of conveniences to cultivate these energies, this self-reliant lifestyle and the mental space to think – whether it’s full uninterrupted focus on a project or the lessons of self-awareness.

Fresh Bread

We had an explosion under the stress and imbalance during the month of Libra (balance, cooperation, harmony) vs Aries (the individual, ‘what I want’ now).  Neither one of us chose this way of mindful self-reliant living only to be shot back into the frenetic timelines of the distracto consumerist on-demand compartmentalized cultural thinking that sometimes comes with the details of having someone build a tiny house. Having the courage (or stupidity) to raise a ‘new’ crazy ass flock of wild chickens wasn’t in the plan either and contributed to the blow up. That took some processing. I think I’ve said this once before in the first post I wrote on the blog The Inefficiencies of the Modern Home awareness isn’t handed out like some party favor, you have to work for it. Sometimes the messy imbalance of human interrelationships rears its ugly head, and for good or bad, we have to deal with it. This is my cryptic way of saying resolving the chicken debacle took work, the Tiny House is coming along, there have been delays – and the Devil has been in the details on both counts.

Organic Mint Tea from my Garden and a Beautiful cup and spoon given to me as a Gift from my friend Lynn

October was packed with lessons about balance:

  • Selfless service vs Fatigue & Overwhelm
  • Moderation vs Addiction
  • Love (power) vs Insecurity (Victim Power)
  • Dreamy vision (Pisces) vs Details (Virgo) – George Carlin “the big print giveth, and the small print taketh away” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFCMhSzeGuA

– and this one’s especially relevant given the latest hoo ha in Hollywood, politics and general dysfunction. My my, how times haven’t changed.

The month of Libra caused me to dig deep and be Aware of my part in interrelationships on a micro level while paying attention to the same constructs going on ‘out there’ in the big world of Macro relationships; Stuff like the Financialization of Everything, climate, Limits to Growth, Media control, or various governments jostling over the devolving make-a-buck oil & energy reserves.   Astrology is not predictive, it’s symbolic and a useful tool to contemplate the light and shadow side of any given energy. Mundane astrology is akin to many of the garden variety counseling methodologies out there; it’s a tool for betterment and rational action subject to the notion of Free Will.

The shadow side of Libra is black and white binary thinking with all the judgmental assumptions in tow, a setup, which generally leads to being blindsided. Reacting is the shadow side. Responding is the ability to consider all sides in contextual reference, and become willing to compromise in order to create Balance. Part of that balance, is understanding that if you’re going to elect to live a life of independent self-reliance the equation from whiz-bang plastic buying power subsidized by oil will, by Nature, transition to more human labor input. Remember Time is Money? Well Money = Oil Power. 1 Gallon of petrol = 6,000 units of human labor.

My first chicken roost build. Pretty happy with it. Used my left brain/right brain to problem solve the limitations on space in the small chicken coop: no flat walls, central access-way, enough roost room for the newly hand reared ‘wild’ chicks.

For the culture at large The Big Print is: The concepts of the Free Market got underway, we found oil, and the Industrial Revolution began in earnest “Progress for All for Ever”. The Small Print is: no linear entropy-evading system exists – on Earth or the physical Universe – any. In English; Adam Smith devised the Free Market Capitalist system prior to the discovery of the second law of thermodynamics. The reality (physics) is sooner or later we’re going to have to make do with less and share the rest in a balanced way.

Another success; I built a free standing door frame and anchored it in poured concrete. The 1/2″ pvc pushes out creating enough tension to hold the chicken wire and support the free standing door.

More often than not, in this culture, we tie ourselves in knots with our myopic consumer perceptions of “what we deserve” without taking a step back to see the forest for the trees. I’ve learned: I don’t deserve shit – it’s all what you (negotiate) in life; how much responsibility you take for your own existence and how many response-able interrelationship strengths you choose to cultivate. Trust, self-honesty, honor, dignity, and cooperation, are a few I can think of. Self-deception and denial is a bitch.

That notion of ‘deserve’ is playing itself out in an emotional game of crack the whip in our Victim-Addicted society who’s citizens   consumers haven’t caught on to two critical points; one: the cheap abundance of energy is going away, two: the United States is not exempt from natural cycles (birth, generation, decay, death).  No POTUS in our wildest dreams is going to save us and put us back on track to the hallucinatory promise land of eternal GDP growth. When we can’t come to terms with natural cycles we tend to blame others for the outcome we find ourselves in.   It’s Russia’s fault, it’s his fault, it’s her fault.

There’s a big FAT sector of US demographics that would be shocked to find out how much they have in common, and are, in fact, in the same group; Energy Illiterates who don’t want to know (DWK); from the bleeding heart yoga pants wearing chai drinking NYT reading salary class Liberals to the Urban brewery apricot infused micro beer Hipsters to the middle aged Sunday golfing Bloomberg reading* fake tan brunch crowd to some of the down and dirty Flyover deplorables – if they don’t have a grasp on the inevitability of energy decline in the US (and the world)   – they suffer from anal ocular inversion in their own lives, which naturally causes general ocular degeneration of the Big Picture. That’s a mighty large swath of the population who don’t know their Smart Phones don’t make them any smarter.  TV (Smart phone’s retarded little brother) and FB are full of non sequiturs in relation to reality. It’s how we choose to use the technology at our disposal that sorts the Energy Competent from the Energy Illiterate DWK; after all – garbage in – garbage out is no way to live.

(yawn…regime…dictator…election meddling…sanctions…recent polling shows…) https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-11-07/putin-is-losing-the-long-game-on-foreign-policy

The theme for 2008 – 2025, set by Capricorn entering Pluto 2008 – 2024 and Neptune in Pisces 2011 – 2025, is: deceit, debt, delusion, denial, default which seems to be the only thing the Western Media, neoliberal economists and US letter agencies are capable of churning out these days. The Balance of Power is moving West to East as I write this, and for some this outcome is unthinkable, especially because; without the US petro dollar in top command, life will become very different indeed for many. For some (who hold power now) cooperation and sharing what’s left of the resource pie is not an option. Like the child (United States) in the sandbox who didn’t get his way he resorts to throwing sand at the other children. The sands of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran are a big wakeup call. We’re engaged in a dangerous game of resource grab, and when that doesn’t work; destruction of infrastructure to such a degree as to thwart others from making any positive advances. This smacks of desperation.

Bigger Stuff

Out in the big world, things are afoot. I would refer to it as A Question of Balance, if anyone’s asking questions worth a shit these days. And some are.

On October 19th under the New Moon in Libra, with the Sun in Libra, a man born on October 7th 1952 took part in a three day conference, addressed the participants, and talked about the Balance of Power in the World. Here’s a link to that event and the transcripts of that talk.

: http://valdaiclub.com/events/posts/articles/putin-meets-with-members-of-the-valdai-club/

I have a lot to learn about balance. I watched the 3 hour Valdai Club panel discussion with 33 nations represented. Most notable in regards to the Bigger Stuff was the ability of  persons to speak in balanced ways that shed light on the deeper truths and higher truths even though the persons in attendance had been either; personally affected by war, or had fought in a war, (or both), and at times were on ‘opposing’ sides. And here they were in the same room trying to affect solutions in a balanced cooperative harmonious way.

Honest, frank, open, truth is hard to come by these days in a certain ‘corner’ of the world that is so off balance  and full of bullshit as to threaten not only the lives of its own citizens but the lives of all other beings on the planet. I’m not talking about Russia. I’m talking about us, the US, as in us. We could say this entity thrives on emotional-hyperism, anxiety and chaos for profit. The vacuous shrieking of the off balance entity will most likely attempt to double down, on its way down, in the years ahead. That’s a clue to look into the mirror individually and collectively at the Energy Illiterate ‘consumer culture’ we’ve propounded. Future generations might appreciate that effort.

As I’ve said before; Faith is sacred, but the Religion of Progress we’ve all been practicing is certainly up for Review.

A Quick Review:

  • The world will end in apocalyptic fashion/ Abrahamic religions and their offshoots: NO
  • The world will end in an apocalyptic zombie horde fast crash/secular crowd: NO
  • The world is in the final of four Yugas, Kali Yuga, the age of death and destruction/Hinduism: No way to verify.
  • The world will be saved by a personal Savior, or a technological Savior. The first is a personal choice, the latter is Hopium IF the saving is contingent upon BAU (using the same amount of energy we ‘deserve’ here in ‘Merica) = “As it was in the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end”: NO
  • Systems decline in a catabolic collapse; gradual collapse, stabilization, further collapse etc. specific to regions & species that are most vulnerable due to fragility of the niche they occupy: YES*
  • It’s also worthy to note the generational effects of catabolic collapse “Since the creation of the middle class was a multigenerational project, so is its destruction. But the effects of this process on society are already plain to see: there is an overhang of still relatively well-off retirees while their children and grandchildren have greatly diminished economic and social prospects.” http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2017/11/the-october-revolution-and-you.html#more

Examples of catabolic collapse in regions: Detroit collapsed when peak cheap oil and associated pressures on the American Made Car sector increased; trade globalization, import/export tariffs, NAFTA, GAFTA.

It goes the other way too: Seattle is booming because of the tech sector, inflow of persons looking for work, Chinese monetary flight from China, Boeing’s massive military branch receiving windfalls from a MIC government.

Without understanding the causes of catabolic collapse, which we’re in now, it’s difficult to find a balance without the context. Individuals are singled out, groups are singled out, entire countries are singled out in terms of “who to blame” for the ‘mess’ we’re in.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

I’ve often thought the suggestions, steps and promises within the 12 step movement could be helpful if applied outside of the rooms. We are awash in addictions posing as cultural norms.

  • Money can be beneficial for providing necessities, but profit at the cost of misery & suffering is another thing all together – for alcoholics in recovery the saying goes like this “one (drink) is too many and a thousand never enough.” Our brand of Capitalism seems to be slipping into a dangerously addictive area where one ($) is too many and a Billion dollars are never enough for those who seek the ‘high’ that hits the brain like a tab of ecstasy.
  • As for the rest, the majority, the American Dream has morphed into full blown workaholism just to keep things going. Credit is Debt. Debt is so massive now, it cannot possible be repaid; remember debt is a promise that you will be ever more productive in the future – this is the linear ‘for ever’ precept in the Religion of Progress – and Physics says It Ain’t So.
  • Stimulation is helpful and healthy in moderate (balanced) doses, but 24/7 doom and gloom media profiting headlines, techno goo gaas up the ass of our children 24/7, and minute by minute attachment to Smart Phones is an addiction in distraction that is causing mental, emotional and physical harm in every sector of the population.

Balance is available once we venture away from denial and turn sober reflection as to the true nature of what’s driving the events of today. Become Energy Literate. Revive Reverence, ritual, quietude, an attitude of gratitude in our lives.  Tell someone you love them and mean it. Practice contentment through simplicity. Go without sometime and check in to see how that feels. Ask yourself “what is my true worth?” in that context. Abstain from mindless clicking (and purchasing) for a month and see how that sits – uncomfortable? – maybe but a great exercise in how else might I spend my time?

It’s ok to be honest and face the truth courageously.  We have become a nation of addicts afraid to face ourselves and the situation we’re in. It’s OK to question the narratives we’re fed 24/7 and use technology to search out more balanced and thoughtful analysis and find creative ways to respond. We’re not alone; there are millions of us willing to face the truth, graciously decline participation and redefine our own values as they apply to money, time, self-respect and self-worth. I find it fascinating that The 12 step programs have worked for millions of persons since the original inception of AA back in the ‘40’s. Equally fascinating was the one caveat in their program of recovery specific to a type of individual -the program flat-out states there is no recovery for the individual that is unable to be Honest with themselves. The good news is any suffering addict in denial can find recovery.

Mindfullness isn’t a museum piece


It’s something you actually do…as in…practice

Those who honestly understand the energy dynamics at play and are moving to resurrect old technologies, mix them with new ones in order to live more simply and do with less energy demand. Necessity is the Mother of Invention; Balance the energies of extreme fundamentalism with creative extremism. Build a rocket mass heater, hang your laundry to dry, feed your kitchen scraps to red worms and build your own compost, grow (some) of your own food, cancel your membership at the gym and dig up your lawn and plant fruit trees and a garden, sell off your mower and pay off your debt, stop buying Chinese made crap and build something yourself, take a carpentry class, pottery class, take responsibility for your own ‘garbage’ and set up systems to utilize these extra resources on your own property, the options are endless. What are we waiting for?

That’s me Practicing Balance in the Sea of Cortez

All of these people are attempting to resolve what they have come to learn about our culture and the lies we’ve been told. I make it my business to search out persons from a wide demographic perspective who all have one thing in common: energy literacy. They may differ in a multitude of personal beliefs but one thing is sure; they understand what needs to come first and the rest can get worked out later.

Adaptation & Balance are Key

What a joy to be a part of such a diverse group of humans who have come to terms with the situation we’re in and yet still find a positive way up and out. They give me hope, they spur me on to become a better human, or said differently; recover the wonderful human I already am.


Bealtaine Cottage: vegan, Celtic, Irish National: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGiodfcx9-o

JC: artist, hunter, trapper, builder extraordinaire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km4wG38Krr4&t=16s

jnull0: homemaker, husband, Christian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWPXtY4nA1E

Cognitive Dissonance: 12 stepper, financial adviser, homesteader: http://twoicefloes.com/%CF%88-the-american-way-mindless-pursuit/

And finally this family’s video, which caused me to change my entire life in pursuit of practical positivism, to seek the truth, and commit my life to this fight. Jules Derveas: revolutionary, father: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89HRDnYRLzY

Happy Samhain!!!!! (pronounced; sowen)