We’re pushing pretty hard to meet the deadlines ahead of us. Here’s a schematic of the solar energy wiring


And the rails are going up to hold the paneling, now that the scaffolding is in place.

Glad I wasn’t on that job (rails) it required being inside the upstairs of the old school house that can only be accessed by climbing in the window from the western roof or up a half rotten set of stairs built 80 years ago. The Pigeon poop is a bonus.

Way Mo Safer

Pigeon chicks

Four years ago I did have the pleasure of hauling filthy junk out of the lower three rooms on the first floor and taking it to the dump on several trips. Anything salvageable (metal) was kept and sorted by type and organized behind the silo out of sight for future welding projects. This building could use a little love.







The new harnesses will help get the solar rails and panels up safely and will surely be handy for roofs around here in general.

While they put the rails up,  I built a new temporary chick coop to hold the 8 day old and 2 week old chicks – an easy ‘add on’ to the raised bed already in Pumpkin’s enclosure. I’ve got them on a nature/nurture program to see if they can be calmer and more manageable and so far it seems to be working.

This flock of 13 hand raised ‘wild’ chicks will be the flock going into 2018. And I’ve started on their new (better) enclosure in the GH area, which looks like hell right now. The fencing and all the flim-flam around the syrup tree planting is coming down, and this too big to fail (ha ha) tarp ‘structure’ (for shade) is going away also.


The five trees up and growing will take over from here as far as shade is concerned; 4 native willows and 1 Idaho poplar, and with a little help from the 8’ x 8’ structure – reoriented for sun/wind angle (pics of that later) – the wild flock will get all the shade they need in the summer.  The syrup field trees are doing miraculously well and look healthier than expected given their environment.

Butternut Walnut

Dawn continues to get great pics of our Praying Mantis population!

The peaches are coming along, and this Illinois Mulberry has suddenly decided, not only, to join us here on the property, but pretend it’s a Catalpa tree – the picture doesn’t do it justice – I’ll try to get a better one.

A little nitrogen goes a long way

The last three coats of poly go down on the upstairs loft library paper bag floor over the next three days, so far, so good.








Towards the end of the day the panels start to go up

Two down….? To go….

Gotta go now….another full day starts in one hour….