There lies within you the power you do not even realize you have. You are not powerless, in fact the opposite; you are extremely powerful. The first key to breaking free is recognizing the falsity of time as it has been presented to you. When you understand it is your job to stretch, move and breathe every day in a graceful way, without forcing, the motion itself unfolds the truth to your awareness and ‘time’ expands. Take one step further into prayer meditation, and the mind begins to still, contraction drops away. Fear moves into the distance, the breath guides the self; inward towards stillness.


There are those who want you to feel small, to experience fear, to remain in a state of agitation and confusion. Choosing distraction, deflection, drugs and disconnect will not help you; they are momentary and fleeting.

Let’s talk about them.

Start with trusting that part of yourself that gets the feeling that something is very wrong.

Distraction: if I keep myself busy, I won’t have to think about what is happening in my world right now. Maybe you truly love your TV, techno games and Smart Phones more than yourself, more than your children, more than your life, no judgement here, but now would be the time to get honest with yourself.

Deflection: here’s the dictionary definition of deflection as it applies to human behavior: Deflection is an intense focus upon and antagonism toward the legitimacy of the actions, feelings, and beliefs of others, … and an intense misdirection of attention away from the primary aggressor’s actions.

The American mindset is particularly vulnerable to this trap. We believe we can pull ourselves up by the boot straps, get ourselves back on track as individuals, work harder, and sort ourselves into groups that mirror our belief systems, and provide temporary fleeting comfort; when in actuality we are seeking to deflect the creeping sense of impending limits. Please allow me to illuminate the subject we may be collectively avoiding by observing our constant need to deflect.

There is no possible way any culture or society on earth could have pushed things this far, this fast without accessing millions of years of sunlight (energy) in fewer than 200 years, layering their entire fantastical financial construct on top of it. When Humans have access to a tank of gas and a piece of plastic, the excess energy we have squandered (petroleum) and fabricated (Central Bank $), time departs from all physical reality, as in physics, as in limits, and it appears Americans have forgotten both boundaries and limits to such a degree, they truly believe that this reality of never ending progress will continue forever; and now base most of their solutions from this platform; technology, increasing complexity & centralization, and more war. As the decline and contraction continues, jobs become scarcer, money tighter; we as a society, fully immersed in the Religion of Progress, can be counted on to react with deflection and say; it won’t happen to me, it happens to those other people – you know – the dumb ones, the dark ones, the rich ones, the liberal ones, the conservative ones, the white ones, the Christian ones, the Muslim ones, the gun toting ones, the NASCAR watching ones, the edumacated ones, there’s always someone else to blame when the rest of us choose not to use discernment. Regardless of which group each of us has self-elected to align with – be it religious or civil – we have all agreed to place the Religion of Progress ahead of everything else we love and hold dear, remember; “Our way of life is non-negotiable” – Dick Cheney

Drugs: Unless you have a specified disease like Aids, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s, MS, or your family has an extreme history of cancers, or likewise you’re old (80s – 90s) the result of any ill health 98% of the American population is experiencing right now; has all of its roots in your polluted environment, lousy diet, over the top stress, depression, hopelessness and physical inactivity: period, no exception.

Disconnect: is everywhere.  Begin to look for it and before long you will find you can’t take another step without tripping over it. You’re out of a job, or just got downsized but the economy is humming along! You just missed another payment but the stock market is over 20,000! The House and Senate are fighting over yet another debt ceiling raise, the United States just dropped the largest nonnuclear bomb on Afghanistan and congress went on vacation,  the Main Stream newspapers and the White House said we’re assured of economic recovery. We’ve just found another Dictator who must be removed in the Middle East  and we must liberate the people and bring them democracy even if we’ve already killed over 2 million and displaced another 50 million to do so. You must pay into the Health Care system; it’s for your own good, that’s why we’re penalizing you, to help you. We must get the health care system under control, that’s why Washington looked the other way when the pharmaceutical & private insurance companies wrote the (tax) health care bill and Monsanto spent Billions of dollars to force States not to label food, because ‘we’ care about your health. Our way of life is nonnegotiable, that’s why we sent all of our industry overseas so you could buy things cheaper here at home. Washington and Wall Street charged you as Americans 1400 Billion Dollars to bail out the banks, and help the car companies, because Detroit and your prospects for a decent job are so much better now. And Washington fixed the housing foreclosure problem, like they promised in 2008, so you can keep your home and that’s why we all still have our homes and don’t have to pay exorbitant rents in the major cities while wealthy investors in REITs buy up foreclosed homes by the thousands and charge you to live in them for way over reasonable values. The government worked closely with the Universities, public and private to fix the student loan problem (debt now at 1.4 Trillion) so the Universities could receive subsidies to ‘retrain’ everyone who lost their jobs, and attract young new college students who also cannot find jobs, in order to shackle them with untenable debt, that they can never repay, and never get out of, unless they default in which case their bank accounts are garnished and they stand the chance of losing any hope of social security.


The United States has declared war on two more countries in the last 7 days; that makes 7 countries in 15 years, since September 11th 2001, when they chose the number 911 familiar to all Americans, to begin the insertion of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty into our subconscious, and then ushered the statement; “Just go shopping” – George W. Bush

You have your marching orders, along with 50,000 troops, to keep this thing going at all cost, even at the cost of your humanity.

Virgo Supercluster

Power and powerlessness are determined through discernment. When the self elects the courage to stop being distracted and embraces discipline, time begins to expand. Read any of my blogs, they’re all there to be seen publicly and you can easily follow my chronicle of grappling with letting go of distraction & deflection and coming to terms with our indoctrination regarding the Religion of Progress.

When the self chooses powerlessness the ultimate self-deceit takes place visualized in Tim Jackson’s  Iron Cage  and Dmitry Orlov’s Iron Triangle. It generally looks like this from where I’m sitting:

Human time, here in the western world is not the same thing as Nature time, when you think about it. The proponents of progress want reality to be bigger, faster, shinier, quicker, done in less time, more ‘fabulous’ than the last one, cost less, look better; and it better be new, or quaint or faux finished or steam punk or sport 40 attached widgets, wake you up, see through buildings, drive your car and make your sandwich while downloading your app and uploading your music. So much bullshit. What are you a human or a fucking crow forever hooked on gathering shiny objects? Give it a break, or eventually it will break you. It certainly is breaking the planet. Time has become so frenzied and contracted it’s a wonder people can speak at all, they certainly can’t write or truly connect anymore. The Delta between the reality of Nature time and the oil subsidized, fiat currency driven contracted time has grown so vast, humans who engage in this sort of nonsense are no longer able to access their own humanity.


Tim Jackson thoroughly reviewed Novelty vs Anxiety – a form of powerlessness in Prosperity Without Growth in the chapter entitled The Iron Cage of Consumerism. That chapter opens with a 2008 quote from the Economist Magazine owned by the Rothschild family dynasty.

As every hunted animal knows, it is not how fast you run that counts, but whether you are slower than everyone else.”

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), who established the Rothschild Banking Empire had insight on how to accomplish this when he stated:

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes it laws”.

I find it notable that in the year 2000 Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya,  North Korea, Syria and Iran did not have privately controlled Central Banks, and now in 2017 the only countries without privately controlled Central Banks are; Iran, Syria, and North Korea.  In this article the author writes “if the CBS (Central Bank of Syria) is privatized from its current state, it will become the equivalent of the Syrian version of the U.S. Federal Reserve, a fate no nation should ever willingly inflict upon itself”.

Milky Way

When the divine self chooses Power, time opens up, distraction is composted, and the self can courageously peer through the illusions. There are many.

It’s OK if you’re experiencing deflection thoughts in your mind right now as you take this information in; I’m intimately familiar with them all, depending upon the group you’ve chosen for comfort, or depending upon which temperament/character/personality category you reside in, the purpose is the same; self-protect with distraction, deflection, drugs and disconnect from the cognitive dissonance.

The un-grounded mind is like a monkey staked down in the middle of a field and when you allow your mind to act in this way it will run rough shod over your being. Discipline, discomfort and devotion can help illuminate the path back to the original self, the divine self of humanity.


Most Iron Triangle jobs are fundamentally useless; intermediaries in government agencies, high tech subsidy dumpsters, management, service ‘industry’, HR, equally useless 90% of the financial industry, and most of the military who now serve only as lapdogs for the Oligarchs and corrupt US government especially since serve & protect is out the window. None of them actually make anything except misery. Real Estate serves the casino that has become the housing industry, the medical establishment is so mired down in profiteering (Kunstler) it is no longer affordable or safe.tritrans


There lies within you the power you do not even realize you have. You are not powerless, in fact the opposite; you are extremely powerful. The first key to breaking free is recognizing the falsity of time as it has been presented to you. When you understand it is your job to stretch, move and breathe, and it’s not your job to eat food laced with agent orange components grown in dead soil,  stuff yourself on behalf of  Monsanto profiteers until your face is bloated and puffy,  not move in only two speeds; fast, and dead stop at the end of the day having driven from box to box before collapsing, popping your pharmaceuticals and fingering the remote.

Part of my initial difficulties in understanding all of this was missing the fact that every mass movement in the last 100 years of the United States has been high jacked  by two critical elements; one; a behind the scenes collective and two;  by an acquiescence of its own citizens, now fully brainwashed as consumers. No matter what the mass movement, no matter how eloquent or well-intentioned; each and every one of them failed (or are failing now) because it was the participants themselves – that either could not grasp the inevitable limits to growth, nor had any intention to do what it took; do with less.

I can say with confidence that from here on out all mass movements that do not contain at their core the element of limits to both energy and growth will fail. Notice I did not include alternative energy as a mass movement strategy, because there is none. Sometimes there are boundaries and in the case of physics, the answer is No.

This time, this expanded time will rest upon the shoulders of individual persons and family households to make the changes from the inside out not the other way around. I have discussed this repeatedly and have tried to make analogies using the twelve step programs – that real lasting stable change happens when the addict/alcoholic/what-have-you takes the step first, nobody else is to blame for their situation and nobody else can rescue them. The Calvary is not coming to rescue any of us in this chock-a-block fully victimized culture. Finger pointing and blame gaming will result in the tearing apart of this country, as is happening now at the highest levels of the US Military and Government, and along demographic lines. A perfect setup for the behind the scenes gang who has wrested full control of this government long before Trump showed up.

…I am continuing to work on the library’s new home in the loft, the chicken flocks are doing well, new medicinal plants are going into the ground, the person I discussed in the last post is driving east to her new place of employment as I write this, and at the same time, the rogue elements controlling the United States are doing everything in their power to hold on to fear and spread it across the globe, as a dying vacuous culture hits its limits to growth.

The name of our new library is EARTH. My editor in chief is on the road so please forgive any typos.


Many Blessings