Before we share about food, we’re going to talk about reclaiming our humanity. Full Moon in Libra (balance/relationship to all life) is calling upon me to speak out. Two events have taken place since last Wednesday night.

One; we were compelled to travel over the mountains and into the bowels of  a city that still thinks of itself as the golden goose. We refer to this city as one of the last insulated cities within this collapsing country’s borders; her original wild and serene serpentine emerald energies, unique, underpopulated, and hidden from view 25 years ago has been wrenched from her dark woods and glacial peaks; mutilated, tamed, dressed as a whore and  marketed into the latest shiny shallow techno globalist homogeneity of overpriced everything with a cherry on top. We went there to rescue a brilliant and courageous woman who purchased the beautiful home in the desirable neighborhood, grasped the pinnacle of her career position making plenty of money in the Sick & Profit Driven dying health care system, and found her existence; lonely, superficial, and empty after trying everything to reclaim her own humanity. As of tonight – She’s out; the job is over Wednesday, the house is on the market Wednesday, and her new life as a human begins –  and we would have done anything to support her, so we did. She was caught in the Iron Triangle  (Dmitri Orlov; Shrinking the Technosphere), saw a chance to get out, leapt over the chasm in 33 days, and made it.

The Second event was the dying thrashing fading collapsing United States launched Tomahawk Missiles into Syria.

If you’re new to America, welcome, and kiss your culture and humanity goodbye in less than two generations, and say hello to your new life; fast paced, conflicted, constricted, watched, marketed, calculated, regulated, and corralled – like the domestic animals we are destined to become, but don’t worry you can still buy plenty of stuff, make yourself over into a caricature of a human, learn how to order a triple non fat mocha latte, drive on clean black top and convince yourself there is a place for you, if only you work hard enough.

This culture has collectively elected to wipe its skills memory clean in exchange for constant access to 24/7 weapons of mass destruction; fiat currency, gas in the tank, distraction. It’s part of the deal, the art of the deal, that in order to access all the things you want, you must comply with being a ward of the centralized system. From what I observed in our short stint on the trip, most if not all of the conversation content had to do with things; what was bought, what could be bought, how it was bought, where it was bought. Certainly that was echoed everywhere we drove around town; people in their big box (vehicles) moving from one box (house) to another box (job) to another box (store) in the endless loop of the Iron Triangle Dmitri talks about: vehicle, house, job, the three legs of the triangle. Most Americans now speak a language of quips, clips and parroted one liners as a self defense mechanism to hide how deeply insecure they are, perhaps because they either truly don’t know what the fuck is going on or are afraid to say as much. And speaking of much:

Americans talk too much.

Most have forgotten how to sit quietly.

Many would not know who they are, if the remote was taken away.

On Saturday night I arrived back in the Place I belong, where I can hear the beat of my own heart and by Monday night I read no less than 10 reliable analysis of last Wednesday night’s escapade, which I was unable to do while traveling. Generally, aside from specific theories  and conversations about the event, most writers had astonishingly close consensus. In regards to the United States; top perpetrator of false flags, Progress as a linear fact for large societies is nonsense, all societies move in circles and cycles (as Nature does), the top US governance is tearing itself apart (as happens in downward portions of cycles like the one we’re in now), this has been happening for 30 years, and an entity that finds itself in energy contraction has the capacity to Signal.

Illargi of Automatic Earth began the conversation about symbols of strength , which he would, being a person of multiple languages residing in Greece since the elections and austerity measures implemented by the EU. And Charles Hughes Smith Of Two Minds picked it up from there and introduced us to Signaling “A signal is a form of communication, but its cost must be high to be persuasive. A signal can provide information on intent, depth of commitment, willingness to accept risk and much more.”

I’ll give an experiential example to make the last sentence something you can understand.

I can back up this idea of Signaling with actual experience, as is, what happened when I recognized what ‘going back into the system’ meant in reality (not in the wish-full stories we tell ourselves) and made the choice to stay out, find out if it could be done, or die; as in take my own life because that was my choice and if you think I was bluffing at any time, you’d be wrong.

There is a difference between communication and signaling as CHS writes “Here is Bloomberg writer Noah Smith’s description of the difference between signaling and communicating: “Spence’s signaling model was about proving yourself by doing something difficult — something so difficult that someone who didn’t have what it takes wouldn’t even bother.”

‘In other words, communication isn’t a signal. A quizzical raised eyebrow, a scoffing chuckle, a wry comment–all of these telegraph emotional content as well as information. But these are not signals.’

Once I recognized that my humanity was at stake if I accepted the path back into the centralized system I became willing to stake my life on getting out and staying out of it, and because those who loved me were so immersed in it themselves, I had to signal that I was serious  “on intent, depth of commitment, willingness to accept risk and much more.” My signaling event was during Thanksgiving weekend in 2015.

Five years (this June) of self effort and facing every demon this empty culture could throw at me I have succeeded.  I own nothing; no car, no house, no property, I don’t have a bank account, don’t pay taxes (no income), have no health insurance, no TV, no remote, although I do live in a remote area; I build soil, work with water, wind and sun, I build relationships, I work with animals, plants, and fungi, and I take full responsibility for my health, my welfare and my safety and I am no longer beholden to the centralized nightmare that has become the average person’s reality. I take no handouts, and know my value; the value of a beating heart, honest, trustworthy, hard working, ethical, mindful, caring, no bull shit. I can’t be swayed, bought, manipulated, or distracted into accepting the untruth of the hallucinatory Religion of Progress story.

Lobbing Tomahawk missiles in violation of domestic and international law is deeply disturbing to me. Living within the borders of a decaying super power that has demonstrated its ability and willingness to do so – is certainly a signal of things to come. It doesn’t matter whether or not Trump is in a fight to the death with the CIA deep state, or is continuation of Clinton-Bush-Obama-almost Clinton (again) or whether or not he did it to get the MSM, NYT, WaPo Russian-elections story off his back – it’s an echo of a hollowed out citizenry that has lost control of its own government and a government that has lost control of itself while the financial and corporate buzzards fly overhead waiting to swoop in and pick clean the assets of a country in energy decline. They really couldn’t care less which camp you’ve placed yourself in as long as you keep buying and consuming, and consenting to debt and War.

No civilization in all of written history has ever gotten itself out of financial decline by waging more war, none.

Civilizations that have not spent their time building soil, protecting water and living trees have also perished. I spend my efforts establishing trees here in these open spaces and in Afghanistan – remember that country? Because that story kicked off our descent into Signal territory that we were willing to forgo our humanity in order to fill our homes with plastic things, look the other way, and lose our selves in the process even if it meant allowing an out of control facet of this country’s government to kill our own citizens.

So, if you want to follow what it is we do here and where I’m heading I really don’t give a rat’s ass what camp you’re in as long as you want to do no harm and try to carve a rational space for yourself while trying to reclaim your humanity.

For the rest of this year I will wake with the rising sun and go to sleep under the millions of stars overhead, and continue to do what I’m doing – no harm – while watching this great behemoth of a Monster thrash its way through its death throws. I will continue to document how I broke free and hopefully at the end of this year be able to flush it out for you if you want to get out too.

much love,