The Devil’s in the Details

A True Story

What does permaculture, addiction, Entropy and the 12 Step program have in common? It turns out everything.

A review of 2016

True story: four years old, standing in our backyard in Laurelton Queens, I had a thought: ‘oh no, not this place again’, call me an old soul, call me crazy, when I had that thought I wasn’t referring to Queens.

Years later I had a midsummer’s dream about five planes on the east coast flying into buildings on the east coast, it was disturbing. Then monkey boy, cocaine sniffing George took office, and nine months later, while reading My Pet Goat upside down to fellow preschoolers, two planes actually did fly into the World Trade Center buildings in NYC.

Throughout my rather bizarre life, I’ve had the good fortune to find myself orbiting around two groups of people, Addicts/Alcoholics, and political refugees, the former twisted and struggling, the latter trying to find center ground in the very same country that fucked over their country, thus making them refugees. Active addiction, like Entropy, is an equal opportunity employer for humans, because addiction crosses all boundaries of age, race, class, gender, religion and nationality, and the same is true for entropy. If you’re breathing, you’re entropic. For those who find themselves in the ‘state’ of active addiction, unaware of how each action manifests energy loss, by way of pain and suffering, to all who come into contact with them, they also find in turn, the recovery can be challenging if successful at all, and for those beings who find themselves on Earth, just being alive, the mandate of entropic processes are non-negotiable.

Energy will be lost.

Regarding refugees, to be sure plenty of superpowers and warlords have made a refugee mess over the course of history that effectively left the US out of it, but I’m making a critical point about recovery; without a selfless and fearless moral inventory, for a Nation, as for the individual, there is no hope for recovery; so honesty, openness and willingness (HOW) suggests how that may happen.

What the hell does; entropy, refugees, and the 12 step recovery program have to do with 2016 and where the hell does permaculture even remotely fit in???

All by myself I’ve learned the minds of certain men, who seek broken power, operate from a place within themselves; the insatiable egomaniac with an inferiority complex, the eight year old boy for whom, no amount of candy is ever enough, and the ability to be completely honest evades them, as it does for the active addict, and in this mess, as the decline of  cheap oil drags down nations and drags them into war, for one last ‘high’, refugees will become the norm, not the exception. Permaculture, by its very definition is an Ethical design science, the ethics come first, they do not trail behind any justification, by man or his addictions, and the science, when embraced in an honest, open, willing credo to act in concert with the Universe, thus the second law of thermodynamics and entropy, may be a way to recovery. At the very least, from what I’ve seen, it reduces suffering.

Consequences have actions, in this upside down world, and 2016 was the stair step, up or down, that will reveal itself over the next few years. Will power pivot from West to East?, – probably, the US dollar loose its reserve currency status? – most definitely, civil unrest? – of course, civil war? – that depends upon a multitude of incoming and outgoing variables in the next five years, but yes, American babies born in 2027 will most likely see the fragmentation of the States-to-Federal relationship right here on US soil.



Sorry, it’s not the end of the world, no zombie hordes, no raptures, no apocalypse, just fractal descent and more of the 2016 gyrations, accusations and rationalizations that have so far, been the norm, and very similar to what Addicts/Alcoholics go through in their own personal brand of hitting bottom.

Most Addicts really have no idea why, really, as they go through life, how much of a serious impact they have on the lives of others, or environments, outside of themselves, as they self-justify their way through life. The average American, also, really has no idea, as they go through life, how much of a serious impact their addiction to comfort and energy, has on the lives of others – or environments – outside of themselves, as they self-justify their way through life, and just so we know, I’m being kind here. The other telltale consistency of 2016 is the patterns with which the words and actions play out over time are on an alarming uptick. I happen to like patterns, or they like me, because I see them constantly, and now, having become a student of permaculture – this gift is on steroids.  Doesn’t always make for a good night sleep but it is interesting.

Redbull and coffee

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

While the present oil based hyper economic techno goo-ga system may look complicated, and feel complicated, assisted by mainstream media’s spoon-fed misinformation and disinformation about how we should perceive the events of the last 15 years, and especially the events of 2016; it ain’t all that. So what tools do we have to sort through all this distractive information? Well, logic and reality for starters, physics is helpful, so are the language patterned events, and the fractal systems that revolve around them, and finally a sober assessment. In fact the KEY is to not fear or get hooked by the melodrama of it all, because the last thing we need is another couple of million Americans running around lighting they’re hair on fire screaming “oh the agony of it all!!!”.

The Physics of Entropy

Speeding up Entropy is what living beings do when they consume energy; and this is called being Alive; individual insects, amoebas, birds, humans, as do populations of insects, amoebas, birds, and humans all practice entropy.

We are all Entropic Beings.

Thermodynamics is what the Universe does to maintain a steady state, as in; maintaining a low level diffuse energy equilibrium.

The subject matter of Entropy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is an insanely complex discussion, so if I add the evolutionary layer of Planet Earth to this (how species evolve), we will find ourselves in the same room with how Gravity works. Let’s not do that.

The Earth is an Open System as far as energy it receives; sunlight, gamma ray, x rays, etc. you get the idea; there are energies being received by planet Earth.

The Earth is a Closed Loop System as far as humans, plants & animals are concerned; we can’t all ‘just’ get up and leave. For now, we can’t ‘just’ make shit up, we have to use what we have available. In that way, earth is a closed system, and energy is finite.

Unused energy is stored for future use, so living beings take highly concentrated states of energy, by consuming it, and releasing that energy to a lower energetic state. THE number ONE meaningful incoming source of Energy on Planet Earth is….the Sun. Always has been and always will be until the Sun extinguishes itself and goes out. Caveat; most likely other life forms on other planets have worked through this evolutionary process in regards to energies available but we’re still bashing each other on the head, so the outlook for us (getting to this evolutionary moment) is probably nill. As one person pointed out, evolution of a species, like progress, has no guarantee for infinite continuance.

Let me paraphrase and cobble together insights from one of my favorite weekly writers: “we can be absolutely sure that the amount of highly concentrated energy in the small corner of the universe we can easily access is sharply and distressingly finite. Since energy always tries to follow its bliss, highly concentrated energy sources are very rare, and only occur when very particular conditions happen to be met… Any time you make energy do anything, you have to let some of it follow its bliss, so to speak, and pass from a higher concentration to a lower one… Mind you, you can make energy do plenty of tricks if you’re willing to pay its price; you can change it from one form to another, and you can even concentrate one amount of energy by sacrificing a much larger amount to waste heat; but one way or another, the total exergy in the system goes down.. The amount of work you get out of a given energy source depends, not on the amount of energy, but on the difference in energy concentration between the energy source and the environment… and it unfolds from the most ironclad of all the laws of physics, the second law of thermodynamics.”

There is only one meaningful energy source on the planet: Sunlight, that’s it.

From sunlight comes: wood, oil, coal, tar sands, and because oil is so fungible and can be used in so many ways, all alternative technology; solar panels, large wind turbines, biofuels and all conventional technology; natural gas,  nuclear power plants & electrical infrastructure must have a supply of oil for them to be accessed, utilized, and maintained, now or forever more.   ”  Economists have missed the key role oil plays–a role that is not easily substituted away. Our transportation, farming and construction industries are all heavily dependent on oil. Many products are made with oil, from medicines to fabrics to asphalt.

In Humanity’s past, some indigenous cultures fared better than others in their relational understanding of the local resources around them.

Once plant and animal manipulation began in the form of domestication towards agriculture, populations found again; greater or lesser degrees of success depending upon their relational understanding of the local resources around them, and sometimes abrupt climactic changes affected that success beyond their ability to control the outcome.

At the point when domestication of plants and animals morphed from complex inter-related populations into large organized societies with centralized complexities four things were born; coinage, major religion, hierarchy, and anonymity (persons who occupied the same society but did not know one another).

In large complex centralized societies in which anonymity rises with the triple whammy of coinage, religion and hierarchy, accountability and ethics loses significant ground in their respective potencies; human – to – human and human – to – resources. And there’s something else that gets lost; the further a human is removed from direct contact with the intimate experience of thermodynamic processes in Nature, the more Entropy is accelerated, and the greater the energy loss (heat loss) as the systems move towards collapse (back to equilibrium). This situation is a given – in complex hierarchical systems we have now created (self-organized) involving fossil fuels and economics.

While specialization has been hailed as a stunning success, and in many ways it has been, the fact of the matter is that collectively as a species, this leads to a massive disconnect as in – stupid is as stupid does.

Go flip on the light switch in the living room. Now tell me how electricity works. Next get in the car and turn the key. Now tell me how the combustion engine and all the electronics work. Here’s an easier one: tell me how to grow potatoes, where they originate from and how many cultivars exist and who propagated them first. Ok, how about tell me what is happening when the coffee I’m drinking, while typing this, goes cold and why I can’t ‘just’ will it to warm back up. We use energy every day in massive quantities and yet we are energy illiterates.

While old fashioned generalist lives are hailed as, well, old fashioned (and therefore somehow inferior), they did in fact have a much better grasp on the limits to resources immediately around them.  Many Indigenous cultures, who interacted within small social populations – magnitudes smaller than we have now – and who also possessed better understanding as to the relationships of energy, remained intact for thousands of years.

Their stories served to teach every individual the same critical information as to their resource potentials and limits. Specialized civilization – the type we have now – often use derogatory words to describe Indigenous persons as superstitious, silly and backwards, they didn’t ‘have’ what we ‘have’ today.

What is it we do have today?

An entire centralized population mesmerized by the black magic of voodoo Economics embedded in the Superstitious Religion of Progress which states; we can grow forever, use unlimited amounts of energy forever, debt forever, and continue to increase our populations in order to do so.

This is the new Story.  Created by persons who in turn, create the most amount of Entropy (heat loss/energy loss) pushing us the fastest towards total collapse, so it’s time to expose the memes for the lies they are. The first step in recovering from addiction is the ability to admit we have a problem.

Steve Jobs is a genius and hero, someone to aspire to and worship. No he is not. He & Apple have never paid for the externalities he created, horrific as they are, and never will, the residuals of which will last for 100’s if not 1000’s of years.

George Soros is a philanthropic, self-made billionaire who donates to social causes to improve the world. No he is not. George Soros is a deeply disturbed man, so conflicted by the past and his childhood that it might surprise Black Lives Matter to find out their donor, while disguised as a non-Jew under the direction of his caretaker, collected the private belongings of Jews, being loaded into trains on their way to the camps. So conflicted, George Soros sees nothing wrong with annihilating entire economies, while contributing to the liberal organizations who are attempting to create equality. Link to interview:   He is a man who doesn’t actually make any object. He is an intermediary; someone who capitalizes on the hierarchical social and economic system we have created; to extract energy from Nature and other human beings, without thought or care as to those consequences. He is upwardly mobile, as in, a pyramid of energy.

War takes the number one spot for Entropic expression by humans. Entropy seeks to transform concentrated forms of energy and dissipate that form into less concentrated, more diffuse forms of energy. War Removes breath from other humans and animals; causing them to die & degrade, War dismantles functioning structures into fragments and splinters of rubble; causing them to degrade faster, War renders soil, water & air unusable and causes the cessation of life forms  (who formerly depended upon those things), War necessitates travel  by those fleeing war (expend energy), persons who cannot flee and remain; consume externalities (pollution) and degrade faster from illness. War consumes all manners of fossil fuels for transportation (expend energy), for production (expend energy), which has been mined and extracted (expend energy), and then leaves horrific externalities (pollution) that may need to be cleaned up (more energy).

If a passport says; United States on it, congratulate yourself, you are living within the most recent Empire on the planet, self aspired, to lead the Entropic Charge to destruction.

Here are the words of dark magic used in an upside down way

Populations of third world countries are exploding and using up all the resources, Quick! We have to do something! Western Temperate Climate Countries use the majority of the world’s resources to heat & cool their homes, furnish their large dwellings, transport their food, water, clothing and go-ga needs, and create the majority of externalities in doing so.  ‘Just’ because we don’t see the result, doesn’t mean it’s not there – it gets exported in the form of pollution; plastics, rubber, heavy metals, electronics, and all the rest required to provide the lifestyle experiences demanded by the persons in those First World Countries.

A person growing up in a Western Temperate climate uses by magnitude the same amount of resources hundreds of people, living closer to the equator, do.

The United States of America is the greatest Democracy that has ever existed.  Our great Democracy likes to help people, by spreading Democracy, because it’s good to help people who are burdened with Dictators. War and collateral damage are a necessary cost; We don’t want to, but if we have to, we will go to war with xyz get rid of that dictator so the people of xyz country can become Democratic.

We aren’t, so what in the fuck are we talking about?

Democracy in its true form exists when the number of citizens, to the number of representation is a much smaller ratio than what we’ve had for well over a hundred years. The fact of the matter is the United States of America is a democracy in idea, having long ago forgotten its grounded purpose of Republic, and replaced it with some flim flam shit, you know, like the idea of Santa, or Thanksgiving Dinner when the pilgrims and the Indians sat down together and made nice. Jesus how old are we? Genocide of Native People not aside, the United States has become one big behemoth of  an Entropy generating system that, so far, hasn’t been capable of generating the energy it needs to maintain its own dissipative system. Like addicts, who have run out of smaller stories, the US must increasingly tell bigger lies to achieve the same ends. All wars are resource wars and the USA needs resources, which it cannot self-create, but can trot out the same words over and over until the population is mesmerized (and has memorized) the script; democracy, safety, security, liberate, help, civilian casualties, humanitarian crises, Dictator, cease fire, moderate rebels, terrorists, war on drugs, war on poverty, war on crime, sound familiar?

It should, we’ve been hearing this same list over and over since 2001, when cheap to extract oil made its exit from the world stage. God help the country that hears the low drumming and incantations brought forth from the bowels of upside down magic; democracy, liberate, help, remove, free, save, intervene, establish, bring; the grinding, mechanistic, unstoppable advance by a monster, unleashed, to problem-solve its way out of the Entropic predicaments it has found itself in. Mission Accomplished for being the biggest entropic large centralized system on the planet, and now that the high priests  of economic dark magic have hamstrung the rest of the world (there are no victims only volunteers), into a Global Economic System, the perpetual drum beats towards progress and war, are forcing and beckoning other countries to speed up their entropy too.

“The American Way of Life is not negotiable”

“We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense”

Which “way of life” are we talking about – democracy or expansionism? It can’t be both.

We must have oil, thus our presence in the Middle East, we must have wars to pad the pockets of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Electric, Black Water, and keep the pentagon employed, we must have mineral resources and strategically located military bases; copper, silver, gold, lithium, and thus our presence in Afghanistan. We must advance the cause of genetically modified seed, which is why Monsanto has set up offices in the Ukraine, and Iraq under order 81, and has infiltrated the following countries; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, bringing the central banks and the IMF with them. Syria is still resisting, and God Bless Syria, may they succeed.

The spell of cheap oil is very difficult to break. Many don’t know they are bewitched, and many more don’t want to know, and it is, in this way the spell is so effective, because all who come under it believe that for every set of choices; they can have it both ways.


The maple trees are dying, this is a very common concern in the north eastern United States, where climbing temperatures and the advance of disease and unwelcome insects are ravaging the Sugar Maple (Acer sacarum) at a rate that points to the end of the maple syrup industry. I would say to the persons leading the charge to turn this around; look at your passport. If it says United States, I will remind you that “The American Way of Life is not negotiable”,  so perhaps individual Acer sacarum trees can be saved, but the maple syrup industry cannot, and this is very much a product of Consequences have actions in this upside down world, so it would be best to focus on the most logical actions now that the choice has already been made to never do with less energy use. 


I have a specific type of fractal in mind, it’s called Self-similar and here’s how it works courtesy of Wikipedia definitions: If the replication is exactly the same at every scale, it is called a self-similar pattern. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos.

Chaos, in science speak is Entropy, the loss of heat energy, every time a stored concentrated form of energy is consumed, digested, then released as a more diffuse and equalized energy.

I am a being who uses energy to stay alive; economically and in the literal sense. I have been taught to use more and more energy at greater and greater rates (entropy/money/debt) with the promise of being ever more productive in the future. I am a fractal, self-similar to the larger fractal of my household, who were also taught to use more and more energy…and our household is a fractal, self-similar to the larger fractal of our community, who were taught to use more and more energy at a greater and greater rate…and our Nation, who believes we need to use more and more energy at a greater and greater rate, to grow the GDP, with the promise of being ever more productive in the future. What is that promise? – The promise to debt and consume 25% of all the world’s resources on an energetically finite planet.




Does this seem like a logical process that can go on forever?

What about the other animals, plants, and people on the planet? Might they object? What if every country on the planet tries this?

Most active Addicts really have no idea why, really, as they go through life, how much of a serious impact they have on the lives of others, or environments, outside of themselves, as they self-justify their way through life.

And if we follow the logic, and put two and two together; our overuse and misuse of energy, our addiction to oil, and the realization that our Actions are to take resources from other people and places in order to keep ourselves alive, then in principle our words are nothing more than the expression of our own self-justification. The decline in the world’s energy sources, as the limits to growth become evident, if anything, have taught us what that looks like domestically, in the politics of discontent in 2016, and many people missed that lesson for the harbinger it is.

The first step is admitting we have a problem; we are literally addicted to oil and economic progress.

The second step is finding out; we could be restored to sanity, thus admitting we are insane. As to the economic troubles in the US that led to the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections, our internal strife, and continued discord with most of the rest of the world, the fourth step; a thorough and fearless moral inventory, (of sorts) of the economic system, might not be a bad idea before heading into the New Year. I say ‘of sorts’ because David Collum who covers the economic year 2016 in review, is an investor, ex-chemist, who has a very good grasp on economics, and his coverage is extensive, and you can pick the sections you’re most interested in, however, he’s still immersed in conventional economics, as in free market, profit, growth, and competition for all.  His piece covering 2016, BTW is entitled most appropriately: A Clockwork Orange.

The US has run out of cheap to extract oil, fracking won’t work because the price of oil is down, the price is down because of consumer contraction and demand destruction, they effectively kicked in because the recession hasn’t ended, the recession hasn’t ended because we’ve substituted debt for actual wages and production (of actual objects) since 1980, and that happened because business as usual on Wall Street had to continue, to keep the stocks up, which had to happen to retain ‘consumer confidence’, so US Bonds could be sold, so the US could go abroad to inflict destruction in countries that have oil, and threaten others to run pipelines (Syria), so the US could retain its supremacy in the world. It really is that cut and dried. The brewhaha of the mainstream media for all of 2016 has been trying to cast the spell by relentless repetition; ISIS, Russia, Putin, Syria, Ukraine, while the US White House lies get bigger, more outrageous, better funded and more intentionally focused, they have to be. We need energy.


And the magic of the black man first, the woman second, succeeded on the first try and failed on the second try…and the stories of each are more important than the reality because in Disneyland the stories are the reality, and that’s why the magic is so easily imposed. Reality on the ground is different; A telltale sign of an empire that has passed its peak and will soon be headed for a decline is when the number of Intermediaries employed exceeds the number of workers in manufacturing. In 2016 the United States employed 10 million more government workers than manufacturing jobs.

So why is the Alternative Media receiving so much flack these days? A real estate investor friend of mine had this to say about investing; you know you’re over the target, when you start receiving flack.

Here’s what lead up to the Alternative Media being accused of reporting fake news, helping to skew the election,  and being aligned with Russia or ‘unknowing propagandists of the Kremlin’.

Something interesting happened since 2008, spurred by the events of 911, the housing collapse, and the Global economic contraction that has followed it.  In 2016, the clamor by the mainstream media (MSM), led by the WAPO (Jeff Bezos/CIA), Facebook and Google, to suppress or punish the Alternative Media, bears  review.

When the formerly generalist populations of the US became specialist populations after WWII, during the Massification of students, in which both returning GI’s, women, and then minorities could access institutions of higher education, it meant specialists must trust other specialists (journalists) to give them the information they needed, because they couldn’t possibly know everything happening in the world at large. They simply didn’t have the time between full employment, family, hobbies & community responsibilities. Fair enough.

Prior to the crash, persons employed full time generally watched TV as a relaxation process, and with it, the news. After the crash, millions of educated unemployed, underemployed, and wage reduced educated persons had a lot of time on their hands. Now they were doing quite the opposite; heading to the internet to find out what went wrong, and trying to figure out how to stretch budgets to keep themselves housed and fed.

Another group of persons, formerly timid about their ideas of society at large (chemists, teachers, historians, organic farmers, homesteaders, DIYers, economists, PhD’s) began blogging on the internet, and began attracting readership, and some of the sites began hosting news, by emerging journalists, who couldn’t find jobs either.  They were all seeking an alternative to the droning, repetitive, vacuous infotainment of the MSM.

From within this alternative world, ideas could be exchanged, and anyone wanting to offer their insights and observation’s to the greater blogosphere (forums, internet channels), could  – without permission from the MSM, and with very little cash outlay. Viewers were no longer held hostage to sedentary viewing of regurgitated bullshit by 6 mega corporations, now educated viewers were participants; out there writing, commenting and doing, and  Journalist weren’t the only specialists to join the internet news conversations, the crash of 2008 left many brokers, financial consultants and persons with backgrounds in banking and finance without an income, pissed off, and looking for a way to make their voices heard. Today, in 2016, those voices have grown exponentially and garner, by far, the lion’s share of readers, who are looking to understand what went wrong, what is really happening now, in an effort to save themselves from being road kill in the future. This is very upsetting to the billionaires, and power tools of the Beltway and Wall Street, to think that the ‘little people’ and ‘deplorables’ are sharing information with one another. The Alternative Media became a powerful tool for those uninterested in jerking themselves off, by way of social media selfies and personal tedium, and chose instead to quietly slip past the guards and turn the status quo on its head. That’s why they’re pissed.

Here’s what actually is being discussed in the intelligent corners of the Alternative Media world


In 2016 Profit, War, & GDP has us all fatigued.

Military personal have figured it out; the oath they took to protect and defend has been twisted into a monstrous tool to destroy and disfigure entire countries, taking those cultures with it, so someone else can make a profit. Many returning vets, with injuries and PTSD are getting their permaculture PDC’s and working with organic farms.

Domestic Citizens whom haven’t fallen for the safety & security meme, have held their ground and refused to be seduced by the lure of being a non-vigilant Consumer, and they’re guarding their guns and weapons against all misdirected attempts to take that 2nd amendment right away.

All Religions have begun to notice that their messages have been co-opted by the most insidious, untruthful, dishonest Story ever perpetrated; The Religion of Progress, as in grow the GDP and put yourself in debt doing it  –  Happy Holidays!

Students of the K-12 educational indoctrinate-Nation construct realize, only years later, that what they were really being prepared for was; Jail, Consumerism, & Debt. The bells, whistles and metal detectors primarily exist to remind them to Fear, Mistrust and get used to their life-long status as Suspect and Minion of the Religion of Progress Ministry; Don’t you dare step out of line. Safety is a secondary obsession in the paranoid disconnected adult world; don’t forget to wear your helmet. Parents, who are paying attention, are withdrawing their children from public schools, if they can.

Higher Education is even worse and tearing itself in half; on one hand the message is be a specialist in disciplines only if that discipline leads to full employment with a profiteering corporation, some students are finding out that a Liberal college education which once stood for the ability to think critically in any discipline of choice (1700’s – 1900’s), is now apparently beset with easily offended over coddled techno go-ga dependent ‘customers’.

Readers of Faux Esoteric writings like The Secret are beginning to wonder if the real secrets are still a secret when it comes to the notion of Creating Money out of thin air, just because it is wished for. If nothing else this book stands as the poster child for readers, like the author, that were born in the Leo/Pluto (Guru Generation) around 1945 and reaped the Lion’s Share of the Cheap Oil World. Ironically the book made its debut the same year Cheap to Extract Oil was making an exit and the Debt Driven GDP scheme of 1980 – 2008 resulted in the first (of many) financial collapses. Readers may want to take a lesson from the Federal Reserve – who actually do print money out of thin air.

Everything is connected isn’t some 60’s acid induced tripe; it’s a fact in motion that will hit us all full force in the next 15 years.

New Small Farmers recognize the Green Revolution was a scam; the line about ‘feeding the world’ was a three part punch to keep the population growing despite requests from females to reduce their family sizes, debt third world nations into Big Ag servitude, and pad the pockets of Banks and Wall Street commodities traders. Petroleum companies made out by funneling secondary and tertiary petroleum based products into the food production; pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and ‘fake’ fertilizer to boost yields, laying waste to ponds, lakes, rivers, estuaries and the  ocean.

The Green Revolution is responsible for eradicating more topsoil in just under 60 years than the entire history of human agriculture that preceded it. 99% of all new small and medium sized farms are Organic in the US, while; Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow, DuPont and ChemChina are merging in respective partnerships in attempts to model their corporate brand of ‘rule the world’ to screw the populations via Globalization.

Most other countries are REALLY fatigued, the ones who have had their entire lives and structures blown away by bombs or by financial hitmen, their natural resources plundered, their populations left bereft, and the carpet bagger NGO’s and Banksters Debt Subsidies just keep coming. Some of the countries don’t get it and face the same collapse. Some of the countries get it, but can’t extract  themselves from the new brand of Unipolar Imperialism without facing collapse themselves, but they are trying to slowly extricate themselves from the loudest drunk in the room  as soon as he passes out and they’re achieving this to greater or lesser degrees.  (he wears a University Jersey, has face paint and screams USA! USA!)

International Citizens are capable of communicating in real time thanks to technology and are debunking all disinformation provided by the White House, EU, associated MSM, and lapdog NGO’s,  by using cell phones and firsthand accounts,  as the events are happening in conflict areas. For instance it might surprise you to learn that Arabic languages don’t, in fact, use acronyms. This is a big deal because the ‘terrorist’ story uses the acronym ISIS, as if the terrorists thought this up themselves, when in fact they are trained and paid mercenaries from around the world, by; the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar…get the idea?

This particular category deserves a post all its own; because disinformation and misinformation by the MSM used to water board the American viewer/listener (yes NPR is part of this group) by way of pattern language trance, will continue to double down, in an effort to support the theme; look we’re not that bad yet, look how bad things are outside the US, effectively deflecting more in-depth discussions on any of the critical subjects facing the cheap oil decline.

So, the internet is a beautiful tool, for those who want to know more. Pic a topic – any topic.


From the PRI, to Permies and everything in between, thousands of persons are asking what can they do about what is happening – and a new international tribe is forming that understands that we, as humans, can design our way affectively towards a future that doesn’t include fighting against everything (including ourselves), and builds every degraded system back into resilience.

So perhaps it is time for a different kind of Revolution; to grow up and come back down to Earth and begin an energy audit towards constructive self-accountability.  As members of the largest user and consumer of oil & energy on the planet, it might be a good idea to start with ourselves first.

I was recently speaking with a friend about attending my high school reunion in 2018. I simple cannot muster my way through one more banal conversation with sleeping humans, or waste more time being cordial and ‘explaining’ what it is I do (or don’t do) , to be looked at as some kind of exotic zoo animal, that holds their interest for a Face Book second, before they’re on the next planned distraction. I’m in recovery, crashing my fractal ahead of the larger fractals, which are sure to follow; remember this isn’t conjecture; this is the law of physics.

Letting go of our individual fractals of addiction; now that we’ve seen 2016 as a precursor to what will only get more common and intense, as the energy descent reveals itself for the catabolic collapse it is, might be a good idea.  Collapsing now and avoiding the rush, has its benefits.

12 Promises for a life of recovery and light for recovery, the path through the darkness, recovering the way back home

We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.

We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.

We will comprehend the word serenity.

We will know peace.

No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others.

That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear.

We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows.

Self-seeking will slip away.

Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.

Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.

We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

We will suddenly realize that Nature & the Devine is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.