In this space of quietude – and it surely is – other than the occasional car coming by (20 per day is busy) the most notable outdoor sounds are: crickets, song birds, coyotes, quail, leaves on the trees rustling. Indoor sounds are: running water for dishes, the wood stove rocketing along, the soft galumphing of cats when they’re playing, occasional Buddha Bar music and the sounds of our own voices in conversation.


The loudest sounds right now come from the realms of the Internet. What a shit storm out there. As we head towards November 8th, the shrill has grown exponentially over the last five days and as one writer titled the sound in his article on Cracked “How half of America lost its F**king Mind”


I don’t read the news, watch the news or listen to the news so I’m doing great between my own ears but I’m fairly sure a whole lot of people out there aren’t dealing with all this very well. In general I wouldn’t expect anything less from a nation of coddled consumers raised on cheap oil, as they have been over the last 50 years, as they meet the latest ratcheting down on what has become the hyperbole of ‘our way of life’ (American dream) in the midst of rising health care costs, rent, food, transportation, big ticket items, unemployment and debt.


baby bull snake

I’m not voting so I don’t have any skin in the game, I chose to sit this one out and watch instead. If you’re tempted to give me crap about not voting, go back to the electoral votes lessons and have a look, and save the ‘but it’s our duty to vote’ tripe that gets uttered once every four years after which, all civic duty beyond that gets lost in the void of making ‘consumer choices’ for the other 46 months. I purchase, there for I matter. Please.


careful, there are lots of alternative energy rainbow ideas out there (this being one of them)

Matter doesn’t matter when the only chance for input looks a lot like attending a Junior High basketball game – I hope our team wins! Millions of useful idiots glued to their TV’s thinking the popular vote has ever mattered, when it hasn’t. Despite all the self-inflicted sanguine lines we emote to ourselves and one another about our Democracy, it has been experimental, as in, an experiment which by definition has an unknown outcome. A short trip to the History books shows us the rise and fall of each organized society has very much to do with how fast and how many resources can be gathered and utilized to benefit that population.

Our situation, through a suite of missteps, greed, hubris and overreach is in fact reaching its limits.

I think it’s a lot more useful if I spend my time figuring out how to thrive with much less in a practical applicable way and offer that information to those who will undoubtedly feel the fractal descent in the years ahead. The cracks and crevices now opening up into giant maws have their roots in a situation very few persons understand, that is, when the pseudo-science of economics comes face to face with the brick wall of Physics.


The sacrificial lamb in this case is Democracy and the high priest is Capitalism in its present neoliberal form.

Hey don’t be pissed at me for raining on your parade, for the last four years I chose to stay home and study and you chose to go shopping. I’m the messenger, not the message.

So as I said, this time I have no skin in the game. Mr. Sanders, who I believe took a run at the Oval Office had this to say to Mr. Greenspan long before the crash of 2008, long before Mr. Greenspan uttered his personal apologies and bewilderment as to how this American Dream became a run-a-way train. Mind you, this situation has been going on for a very long time (Regan – Obama) deregulation, immigration, Glass Steagal act killed, NAFTA, GAFTA, 1200 military bases, five countries bombed and occupied, and a whole host of other intentional ‘missteps’. This shit takes resources. It has to come from somewhere, oh, uh, that would be you.


The best and most useful things I can do for myself and therefore others, because I’m not sure our present day (county, regional, national) map lines will look anything like they look now in 30 years; is drop the either/or Binary thinking , focus on solving the resource issues for individual households, because it is the individual households that are the same fractal image of the larger national fractal.

A fractal is an interesting pattern in that; its smaller form is identical to the larger form of that same pattern. There is a self-similarity in scale.

These are patterns, not necessarily fractal

IMG_4639 (1)

Orion Arm



Persons who engage in permaculture are very familiar with patterns, fractals being one of them.

In permaculture when we look at the Whole (property) we spend a lot of time observing in order to select and differentiate which elements and functions can be designed to connect in the most positive way thereby increasing the potential benefits and yields for everything on the property and for ourselves. This Tao of behaving takes us away from struggling against, and places us in concert with, not only ourselves but the Natural world we are a part of.


The sober recognition is there is no free lunch for any extended period of time by forcing.

 All civilizations and empires have found this out one way or another.

Households find this out much quicker; a household who finds they owe more energy than they bring in soon finds themselves on the street. That’s an ugly way to go and it doesn’t have to be your future.

Pee Wee Herman

la la la la la connect the dots

Reach out to any of the millions of persons who already understand the fractal issue I’m talking about, they are everywhere; Religious houses of worship, communities like the Amish and Mennonites, small organic farmers, preppers, survivalists, urban farmers, even some permaculturists – which is to say ‘just’ because someone is practicing something new doesn’t mean they have a grasp on the big picture. Beware and don’t make assumptions – many more persons are stuck in binary thinking than not.

Put distance between yourself and persons who suffer from two diseases; the ‘yeah butt’ and ‘just do’ this disease, they are operating on the old paradigms and aside from being unhelpful will only provide you with doubt.

The point is: know that you are not alone if you choose to take this path. Treacherous at first because it’s a mine field of cognitive dissonance, hang in there and it becomes the path to freedom you cannot imagine. You get your humanity back for starters, and then the inkling of self-determination, as each success builds on the next (that’s called learning), you form new alliances actually based upon reality and the laws of Nature and Physics and you don’t have to give up your religious beliefs or science based perspectives, they actually grow deeper.

Horse head nebula

…Or you can keep buying shit you can’t afford to impress people you don’t give a crap about, stay emotionally isolated in a crowded room, think in black & white, watch TV, remain utterly disconnected from anything without a price tag, and take pharmaceuticals for a whole host of illnesses caused by stress, isolation and bad food.

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