Best night of my life? Well at least in the top 10, attending the 2008 Election night party at the Showbox in Pioneer Square, Seattle. We won. We changed History. It felt good.

Pioneer Square

Best lesson of my life? Being used as a Liberal tool and finally coming to terms with how that went down.

Best way to be blind sided and have absolutely NO IDEA what’s going on? Stick with your story – your determined perspective because everyone else around your personal sphere believes it too. In fact, stick with it so strongly, that when any other person has a different perspective, you whip out your GROUP MEME and in a condescending tone refer to them as ignorant, stupid, backwards or worse; Racist. 

And by all means, throw every Liberal phraseology in while you’re at it; they’re gun toting Christians, Rednecks, Uneducated Jobless Slobs, NASCAR watching plebes, watered down beer drinking idiots, Fat Supersized Walmart shoppers, and people without a decent education. When that list gets exhausted liberals can always turn to justification of how the last 8 years have worked out; they won’t let Obama do what he needs to do, they don’t want a black man in the white house, they stop him from doing his job.

We’re still in Afghanistan, wreaking havoc; toxic military burn pits, leaded gas in every car, Kabul has become pedophile central and 25% of every person under 24 is addicted to Heroin, and that drug alone has SPIKED WORLD WIDE in use since….you guessed it; 2001. Guantanamo Bay is not closed and Auschwitz pales in comparison. FIVE, yes FIVE entire countries lay in ruins that had thriving economies, education, markets, courts, museums, libraries, hospitals, theaters, parks, Zoos, temples, churches, public transportation, corporations, companies, businesses, Universities.

Hint: the Brexit might be your cue to pull your head out of your Liberal Ass and have a look around. Get a clue on the big difference between Neoliberal Economics and the Liberal Ideals so near and dear to the way you want to see the world change. Stop throwing the overused misunderstood term Fascist around when referring to potential candidates and take the time to learn what Fascism really is and truly looks like in action.

Too Late, we’re already there.

Class Warfare? Done. You’re 30 years late to the party.

Here’s an excerpt and you can read the June 29th entry in it’s entirety here:

The Labour Party under Tony Blair, in turn, responded to that shift the same way that the Democrats did under Bill Clinton: both parties quietly dropped their previous commitments to the working class and the poor, and focused instead on issues that appealed to affluent liberals.  They gambled that the working class and the poor would keep voting for them out of habit and misplaced loyalty—and over the short term, that gamble paid off.

The result in both countries was a political climate in which the only policies up for discussion were those that favored the interests of the affluent at the expense of the working classes and the poor…

The problem with this kind of government of the affluent, by the affluent, and for the affluent was outlined in uncompromising detail many years ago in the pages of Arnold Toynbee’s monumental A Study of History. Societies in decline, he pointed out, schism into two unequal parts: a dominant minority that monopolizes the political system and its payoffs, and an internal proletariat that carries most of the costs of the existing order of things and is denied access to most of its benefits. As the schism develops, the dominant minority loses track of the fundamental law of politics—the masses will only remain loyal to their leaders if the leaders remain loyal to them—and the internal proletariat responds by rejecting not only the dominant minority’s leadership but its values and ideals as well.”

For the last 25 years it simply hasn’t been enough to attend a protest or two, give a few donations to the favorite charity or vote for a Democrat then go on your merry way to yoga after stopping for a triple non fat white mocha no whip. Gay marriage rights or advances in reduction of racial tensions fall far short when the only place to live are in the Bastions of Liberal Jewish Urban centers or Mulitcultural University towns (that now support the largest group of Liberal over-entitled whiners ever spawned). I call them insulated cities, like Seattle and San Fransico, places that have thrown their entire working class neighbors under the bus, and generally live such privileged insulated lives they have no idea what life is like for the rest of the country, much less the working class among them.

Seattle has gotten so bad, so rotten from the inside I refer to it as Disneyland of the Northwest.

I used to love Seattle. oh well.

Here’s why you might want to wake up, after you figure out which glass of Chilean Malbec is yours (ah! the wine ring with the cute hand blown glass beads – so farmers market) and you finish the conversation about the latest Vegan Food truck, which tile flooring is the greenest, or what country you’re thinking of visiting. Those cute Neoliberals are surrounding Russia at this moment, having completely co-opted democracy (American Democracy was the most vulnerable for all kinds of reasons) starting in 1994, and have perfected the art of giving away the emotional prizes while taking every last cent of money (debt) and decency and meaning in the work place for the average american wage class worker.

Because in a perfect Fascist Union between government and corporations (the kind Mussolini could only dream of) when the cheapest oil to extract had run its course (1980) and substituted debt (deregulation), NAFTA, GAFTA, and economic blackmail of vassal states was not enough to supply the economic energy required to feed this giant resource sucking Union (USA), the only option then, was is to go to war.

I’ll let you figure out what event precipitated this genius strategy.

Talk about the Liberal Unicorn being stuck between a rock and a hard place

butterfly unicorn rainbow kitten

Denial, it’s such a tricky thing.

It’s probably necessary to note here that of course there are racists and xenophobes who voted for Brexit. Equally, there are people who have copulated with dead pigs who voted for Remain—I’m sure my British readers can name at least one—but that doesn’t mean that everyone who voted for Remain has copulated with a dead pig… One common way to define hate speech is “the use of a demeaning and derogatory stereotype to describe every member of a group.” By that definition, the people who insist that everyone who voted for Brexit is a bigoted moron are engaged in hate speech—and it’s a source of bleak amusement to watch people who are normally quick to denounce hate speech indulging in it to their heart’s desire in this one case.”

But, but, but they don’t care about climate change, or racial equality or gay rights…”It happens tolerably often that some of those ideals and values really are important, but when they’ve been used over and over again to justify the policies of the privileged, the masses can’t afford to care.”

I’m not trying to alarm you or scare you but the fact that an entire group, in this case Liberals, do not, can not possess the ability to look beyond their own sacred memes to see the perfect storm emerging; that an entire underclass of wage earning persons (who have been lied to and know it) have been thrown under the bus to save the Salaried and Elitist class, are now prepared to throw out their old Democratic Loyalties along with any and all values held by that political model is a very deadly place to be. The Neocon Liberals/Conservatives and their 1% earners and multinational corporate/government gravy train entourage are masters of deception and are not about to give up their positions. They have already demonstrated beyond anyone’s doubt, their winning pattern of social engineering – that is to foster decent, create chaos, and pit groups against groups because Democracy has never mattered, it’s only been in the way.










If you’re having a hard time grokking this, the Arch Druid continues to explain;

If the British establishment succeeds in convincing the working classes and the poor that voting for UKIP is the only way they can make their voices heard, that’s what will happen. It’s a very unwise move, after all, to antagonize people who have nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, a very similar revolt is under way in the United States, with Donald Trump as the beneficiary. As I noted in an earlier post here, Trump’s meteoric rise from long-shot fringe candidate to Republican nominee was fueled entirely by his willingness to put himself in opposition to the consensus of the affluent described earlier. Where all the acceptable candidates were on board with the neoliberal economics and neoconservative politics of the last thirty years—lavish handouts for the rich, punitive austerity for the poor, malign neglect of our infrastructure at home and a monomaniacal pursuit of military confrontation overseas—he broke with that, and the more stridently the pundits and politicians denounced him, the more states he won and the faster his poll numbers rose.”

Things will begin to split apart, first based upon demographics and ideologies, further along, the fracturing will be geographic.

And I’ll leave you with this to ponder

Maybe the outcome of the Brexit vote will be enough to jar America’s chattering classes out of their stupor, and force them to notice that the people who’ve been hurt by the policies they prefer have finally lost patience with the endless droning insistence that no other policies are thinkable.  Maybe—but I doubt it.

Outside the Hall of Mirrors, the sky is black with birds coming home to roost. Some of them have already settled on the rooftops of London. More of them are hovering above an assortment of European capitals, and many more are wheeling above the marble domes and pediments of Washington DC. When they land, their impact will shake the world.

Take care,