For a very brief period of time, one week in fact, the rising sun sneaks through the house and lands on an old bridle hanging on the wall of the hallway that leads to the back bedrooms, and the setting sun, on its way to Alaska, finds its way via the patio through the north kitchen window to rest on the ceramic notional that says; She Believed She Could…So She Did.


Not too long ago these words had a rather farcical hollow meaning in my life as I rode the downward slope into financial oblivion. Women, like Nature, if given the space and peace to recover, generally do.

I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m saying it’s possible. Somewhere along in this Mystical Process not of my own doing the idea came to me; I don’t have to live by the laws of Men, I can live by the laws of Nature. After all Kevin Spacey who plays Prot in the movie K-pax gives a short explanation as he speaks to the Doc in the nutward “Mark, every being in the Universe knows the difference between right and wrong”.

Many of the nutjobs in leadership positions out in the world, experts, diplomats, financiers, and such, would have us believe that their version of how the world should work is officially the only way.

In my humble observation ‘their version’ – in practice – looks more like a party of twelve year old boys hopped up on sugar; eager to try out their new equipment without a care (or sense) in the world as to how it might affect anything or anyone else around them.

Hey! I have an idea! Let’s build a Society around that.

 So for this Solstice why don’t we give it a break boys.

The temporary chicken fencing is up courtesy of the DOT and UPS and the straw bale house is just about completed.


The fencing was easy, lay out the line, unroll the fencing, weave the rebar through it, pound the rebar into the ground, pull any sagging portion in and zip tie it to the rebar kamagra price. Take unused drip irrigation stakes and set the bottom of the fencing firmly to the ground.


We’re on a timeline for three reasons; it will be hot soon, the chicks will hatch soon and I need to get going in the gulag building the tire wall structures.

The straw bale house is a little more involved.

Remove the grass, level the area


Drop the tarp, stack the straw















Frame it out


IMG_1534Staple tarp to wood


Get the roof on



Cut the hole for the chicken’s entrance


We’re moving the 6 chickens into the new area today while we set the window and door and Build the roost.

…Meanwhile back in the little chicken roost the chicks are ready to  hatch in the next 24 hours. I’ll follow up with pictures of the completed project and the new clutch.

What an auspicious time to hatch chicks and work outside constructing a new summer home for these beings, this is the Full Moon in Sagittarius (optimism, truth teller) on Solstice, something that has not occurred for 68 years.

Freud had it only half right, which doesn’t surprise me given the deadly spell of his hormonal and cocaine induced perspectives, living as he did, in Victorian times. Sorry dude, 3.4 billion of us aren’t jealous of your junk. It’s the other way around, 3.4 billion of you, mystified by Nature and the feminine are jealous of the ability to serve as a conduit to bring physical life into being on this planet.

Womb envy, all things round, first pattern in the Universe, that which births life.

So Happy Solstice to all the Chicks out there. Happy Solstice to all the men and women who aren’t afraid to embrace the divine beauty of creativity, curiosity and intuitive kindness, you know who you are.