The crocuses are up, IMG_1144

The trees are pulling sap and swelling their buds in anticipation of warm nights ahead.




We traveled to another town recently to inspect a collapsed building we will be de-constructing in order to salvage the wood and metal. I’ll be using this material to construct wildlife watering stations on the ‘wild’ parts of the property this spring.  IMG_1117

The build is pretty simple. The structure is low to the ground, the roof angled to catch rain and the basin below collects and holds the water for animals to access during the dry season.



Here’s how it works


Meanwhile the seed room shelving is up, my experiment with squash, onion, potato and pumpkin storage was successful.

The storage tanks continue to be set to collect rain,


and the oil house is the next structure to be ‘gutted’ and in this case, turned into a materials center.


We found this barrel left behind by former residents. It’s empty.


Nice Stuff


Non Indigenous Monkeys (Homo sapiens sapiens) are Funny! They still haven’t figured out after 100,000 years of pooping in their environment – THERE IS NO ‘AWAY’.  The instructions: “dispose of waste…located away from water supplies” is like swimming in the Non Chlorinated end of the swimming pool. Wait, What?

Again…Monkeys are good at the small stuff; tool using, building, constructing, engineering, moving, tearing down, configuring, altering, changing, rearranging, organizing, categorizing, labeling, identifying…well, you get the idea.

Alas…Monkeys, so enamored with these abilities, having found ‘stuff’ in the ground, having made it into millions of objects, and believed in their own ‘exceptionalism’ as a species are now coming up against a self made quagmire of interrelated systemic problems that cannot be solved by doing ‘Just’ anything. We can’t Just do this or Just that; Just use less, Just rely on more alternative energy, Just go to NIRP, Just change over to virtual currency, Just reduce Carbon, Just protest, Just start the 4th industrial revolution, Just grow more food, Just elect a new President, Just stop immigration, Just create jobs, Just pass new laws, Just remove Assad, Just go to War, Just reduce the global population, Just go local…

Balsamroot Arrow leaf

Entropy is a funny thing too, and maybe, just maybe, if we don’t allow ourselves to accept the fatalistic theme of everything going towards natural disorder (Heat Death) as proposed by monotheistic religions and main stream physicists, we can learn more about the world in which we exist and begin to understand what alternatives are possible.

You could start by throwing out your TV