Ok it’s going to be a busy year, so far with 53 projects lined up and we’ve been away from the desk so to speak. Aside from the usual spring start projects like chop & drop, tree cage maintenance and general clean up and organization, we snuck off to Seattle for a meeting that  will reveal, over the course of this year…

Yes! Another permaculturist will be joining us to live full time on the property. That means we have a good shot for having the most Pcer’s per capita in the country, or at least in the top ten.

epic shit

A sample snapshot of some of the crazy projects;

Setting and installing rain collection tanks, living fences, wattle fences, alternate housing, a Tiny House, shelving for the seed room, bottle walls, tire & concrete retaining walls, pouring a concrete floor in the GH, finishing the roof on the old school house, and transplanting another round of edible shrubs….you get the idea.


This new person we’re excited to bring on board will be bringing a whole set of complementary skills; medical knowledge, mushroom growing expertise, glass blowing experience, welding, tile setting, electrical, framing and plumbing knowledge – all extremely useful. Not to mention a PDC from Toby Hemenway and a strong desire to build knowledge in critical skills for the impending changes ahead and a sick sense of humor which is important.

Once we get our seed and dried herb act together, those beauties will be for sale on the website via pay pal.

Ok, gotta go