Permaculture offers us a window through which to glimpse patterns. As a species we’re great at the small stuff but not very good, in fact miserable, at grasping the interconnections of the social structures we’ve created.

Well, it appears I’ve made it through the dark days (January 14th-January 19th) that usually have me down at the barn figuring out how to take myself out for the last two years. Now that I think about it, these have been the darkest, shortest daylight hours since December 21 or winter solstice.

One more day tomorrow BABY and I’m home free! Not that I want to rush things, summer’s arrival can take it’s time with all the associated heat, fire and dust.

So I feel like I got off pretty easy, having experienced a one-day-only event of mild shame/guilt for having lost all of my savings and investments four years ago. I ran out of ½ & ½ and wanted potatoes so I jumped in the car and found myself at the local grocery store. The place was packed and there were people on line that knew me during my RE investment time 2006-2012 and all I could do was stare at the gum rack with a very angry expression, not look up and hope to god the fucking teller went faster.

That sucked.

For the arm chair pop-psychologists out there, of course I could have responded differently – IF I WAS SOMEBODY ELSE. I don’t live my life in fantasy land anymore though, so the likely hood was not going to happen. I didn’t have that visceral reaction because of my past; ie, raised catholic, bad childhood (boo hoo), ate tomatoes when young and that made me the person I am today, whatever.

Days like yesterday arise due to the PRESENT life style of cognitive dissonance that swirls all around me, even in 2016, even as the price per barrel of oil hit below $30 dollars, even as the top 1% now have more net worth than the other 99% of the 7.2 billion humans inhabiting the earth,

zoomed in pyramid

even as climate change bears down on us, and even as 5 countries have had their societies obliterated by war, the other 45 large countries waiting in the economic oblivion line and I find myself during social outings surrounded by people who appear to have not the slightest clue what’s coming at them.

That’s why.

Today’s a new day. I get to hit the reset button. I’ve got things to do. There’s a list of at least 35 worthwhile projects to do in 2016 that will change the course of my life in every possible positive way.

The cognitive dissonance is just that those things aren’t any of the things I used to do (like everyone else) in my past life of consumerism and debt and general blind obedience to a group of humans, self-appointed as experts, who want to tell me what I should be doing.

This shit is hard to shake.

So steady as she goes…

10 days left to finish patching work pants, cleaning up the interior of the greenhouse, seeing the candle  and handmade card making through, setting up pay pal, blogging and any other inside activities I can move along in preparation for the 35 outside projects set to start on February 1st.

Every single one of these projects has one singular goal in common; to stack functions relative to the future.

A small number of them do incorporate opening a small portal through which a tiny trickle of money will come through over time, the vast majority involve providing the most abundant basics of life support. That’s how great designs work; a bit more labor intensive up front, with gradually less and less resource input over time, while those systems that have been put in place begin to function as a self-sustaining system and begin to deliver more and more resources back to me, and every other living being on this property.

The trickiest part about navigating my emotional and psychological way through the shoals of reality, after having pushed off in my sail boat of permaculture, is; my acknowledgement of patterns and correct assessment of response is completely at odds with the business as usual hallucinatory life styles of just about everyone around me.

Fukin Sale

You might say this is the root of my doubts and you’d be right. While I may have left the mechanisms of said hallucinatory life style behind me, the thousand voices of indoctrination are still there – quietly nagging at me.

Day to day conversations with people in my private sphere doesn’t help the situation. In depth conversations aside, topics generally turn to; where the vacation is happening, what just got purchased, what just got upgraded, how they ‘just’ have one more thing to do before they do 5,000 other things to show they are on top of life. At break-neck speed I might add. In environments that contain absolutely zero quiet except for when they find themselves alone with nothing decent to watch on TV.

Holy shit.

And I’m fucking crazy.

What I’ve noticed over a few decades of observation is Humans do small stuff exceptionally well and seriously suck at managing big picture events. Sure we put a man on the moon (small stuff) and built a bazzilion highways, cars, & skyscrapers, (small stuff) and put millions of acres under combines (small stuff) and pushed every techno goo ga forward possible (wait there’s MORE!) small stuff.

We cannot seem to get it through our tool using monkey brain heads that in 5,000 years of resource dependent agrarian settled societies we never, in fact, created the resources.

The industrial revolution, and now the 4th industrial revolution term being thrown around by the mucky mucks at Devos is a magnitude 1000x of that ignorance, and they consider themselves the pinnacle of humanity’s best thinkers.

Another Holy shit.

They can support their position by issuing thousands of PDF’s about the 8 most important topics of our time, using of course the internet binary code (small stuff) that runs through miles of inter ocean cable (small stuff) to billions of laptops, I phones, I pads, made in factories (small stuff). TA DA!

And the 7.2 Billion human monkeys will accept this scenario, having gotten to 7.2 Billion by doing, well, err, small stuff themselves.

I have some very sobering news regarding Homo sapiens sapien’s future prospects. The key to successfully navigating the future, and I mean future, not what’s in front of your button pushing fingers at increments of seconds, is the ability to understand and fully grasp the connections within large systems that act collectively to support a self-sustaining reality.

Let me use an example to explain this. We’ll use my favorite example of a discipline that had its roots in the cheap oil era of our time; Horticulture, known as Horrorculture to me. Horticulture goes to great lengths to assemble plants of various colors, heights, bloom times etc. in order to create what is accepted as visual and sensory beauty. Fair enough. It is a collection. It requires constant upkeep and resources in order to maintain its existence.

It is a system, much like every system we have created in the last 5,000+ years which exists in physical terms known as a dissipative structure, a type of self-organizing system that forms in thermodynamically open systems. That means, in English, it is a system that needs constant and continual forms of energy input from outside the system itself in order to survive.

Hmmm…what else might be a dissipative structure?

  • Economics
  • Energy
  • Big agriculture
  • Cities
  • Transport
  • Commodities
  • Population increase
  • Medicine
  • Water purification
  • Internet
  • War
  • Fossil Fuel dependent technology

Oh boy.

I couldn’t possible provide a solution to the dilemma caused by a not so smart ‘intelligent design’ of said monkey. Give me a break; it’s hard enough to try to figure this out for one person on one property, let alone the entire human race. I’m still in stun mode when this ‘stuff’ actually works! after applying permaculture principles, so I’ll leave the cheer leading to individuals much farther along in permaculture applications.

Besides I’m stuck in the very same monkey body & mind that contributed to this mess in the first place.