The Trees are IN!!!! We took advantage of a small window of weather opportunity to get the new trees into the ground a few days ago. Was the ground frozen? No.


The new ‘soil’ looks fantastic


Plenty of moisture, dark, crumbly, filled with life.

The first three years of care will be critical for these little guys, especially for these species who ‘aren’t from around here’ – just like us.


Crazy? Yep

Risky? Yep


So is life.

It’s all about the microclimate this time, and understanding the risks.

caliche rock

So is life.

I happen to know some very dear and courageous humans that are planting trees right now in Afghanistan under the threats of nearly insurmountable odds.

Samsortya pic 1

It turns out that Afghanistan is a country rich in mineral deposits

And the present day superpowers want those resources.

If we follow human patterns, we are surprised to discover they are repeated; destabilize the population, fracture monetary and food systems, destroy infrastructure, create chaos, divide, conquer, and deliver the spoils to persons willing to forego ethics in order to have money and power.

Some super powers are even willing to fabricate stories on their own soil in order to find ‘terrorists’ and bring democracy to places rich in resources, for ethical purposes of course – not extraction. That would be wrong.

Patience is a virtue, even for places like Afghanistan who have experienced past incursions. It is said; Afghanistan is a place where empires go to die.



Yoshi will be six years old when we sit under a canopy of our syrup tree project.


We look forward to working with nature and her patterns like this one; the wave, found in many expressions on the planet. Beautiful.