Remember the line “it’s me not you”?

A line like that usually leaves the recipient confused, hurt, wondering what they did wrong. Soul searching sometimes follows, self-blame almost always results.

The break-up line is fabulously back in vogue having picked up steam since 2008.


You’ve just been laid off or down sized, outsourced, cut back, reorganized, downgraded, let go.

Welcome to your new reality and the new Pattern. ‘


If you’re in the “Millennial” generation (who makes up this name – shit?) you probably didn’t even get a chance to hook-up before you were summarily dismissed. Your lucky generation was ‘let go’ before you had the chance to prove yourselves. Don’t let the student loans hit you in the ass on the way out.


The incoming highly coordinated message bombs from MSM and the walking liars that make the up the group of Washington losers and Wall Street predators would have you believe otherwise;

It’s not us – it’s you.

Dollar Own Your soul

The stock market is up, recovery is on, jobs are being added and any day now we’re back on track to growth!

He he


Two tiny things says it isn’t so; the Laws of Physics, Globalization Empires and err..ok, well, three, human behavior.

Let’s keep this short. I’ve got things to do.

  1. Laws of physics states irrefutably No System and I mean No System can continue endless growth in a finite environment. Finite environment: Earth
  2. Globalization is a catchy word for Empire free-for-all. You live inside the borders of the current Empire. No Empire lasts in its same static form. Party over.
  3. Human behavior being what it is; messy, fear based, opinionated, insecure etc . etc. is a rich target for Social Engineering. Those at the top know this. They have more time, bigger think tanks, more money, better networks, and tighter coordination.


300+/- citizens consumers sitting on the couch, cracking a beer, gooned to the TV MSM news, forgetting to think critically, watching kitten videos on FB are in for a surprise.


They will divide and conquer you down to the last man, woman and child.

Let’s just say the triangle of evil has been in play for quite some time now. Oops! It’s already happened.


When you’re breaking up with someone it’s important to lie, not hurt their feelings or piss them off.

Lie: you must jump right back in (after having been let go) and get another (same) job to grow the economy. In fact get three jobs – all PT of course.


Credit Score?


Credit and Debt?

More Bullshit

Healthcare Tax?

Oh Brother

Maybe think about a career in healthcare or any of the mushrooming letter agencies NSA, CIA, DSH, TSA, FBI, growing the national debt you now pay for at an unprecedented rate.

grow it yourself

All that talk 40+ years ago about 15 hour work weeks and party favors for everyone was just a line to lead you on.

If you haven’t figured it out by now let me whisper a secret; your actual job is to keep consuming as fast and as much as possible while debting and working as much as possible.

Got it?

Okie dokie then.

Maybe it’s your turn to break up first. You’ve been let go, downsized, outsourced…


You can start a new life.

epic shit