December 25th A very white Christmas.

I chopped up some moose meat scattered these presents for the magpies, the camp robbers, the chickadees, and the squirrel. Out on the ice I examined a pressure ridge. It was a buckled wall of ice blocks at odd angles about a foot wide and at least four feet high. Some of the slabs of ice had beach rock imbedded in them. A plane! It was Babe’s 180 Cessna. He looked like a skinny Santa Claus as he landed and stepped out with sacks and boxes. He asked how long the lake had been frozen over. Lake Clark had closed up only three days ago.

Lots of mail and grub. Nearly a sack of packages and letters. Six four-pound packages of rice, two large boxes of corn meal, four dozen eggs, plenty of spuds, carrots, lettuce, apples, and celery. Fifty pounds of flour and two slabs of bacon. Cheese, candy bars and cocoa.

I opened packages and read letters until I had to light the lantern to keep on reading. A Christmas I will never forget. The most no-nonsense Christmas I have ever had. – Dick Proenneke One Man’s Wilderness.


Three Years of walking away, unpacking each layer of the onion, societal detoxing, introspection, learning. This has been my journey.

I’ve asked myself one thousand times how can my journey be of service to others? There’s so much potentially debilitating information that precedes a person’s choice to opt out.  How can that information be conveyed in a constructive way? Then there’s the ordeal of digging up the words buried so deep inside including the difficulty of trying to articulate the patterns I continue to observe – while practicing positive mindfulness.


No small task. But this year 2016 I’ll try.

This song encapsulates what we could imagine as a life worth living. Thanks to DMB

So this year will be my gift of Love & Patterns to friends and family.

I will attempt to interweave the hard stories, the untruths, the positive practical solutions, the courageous alternatives and potential freedoms available. I will honor the Sister that held her arm out to me, touched my hand, looked me in  the eye and said “thank you for your story, there are many that are going through what you’ve already experienced and many more to come. If you find the solutions, you may be able to lead others through”.


You can pick and choose what works for you. You can call me and tell me what’s on your mind questions, concerns and worries.

I’ll try to become a better writer in the process.

My style most easily follows the humorous rants of Kunstler’s wit, I’ll incorporate beautiful pictures as Colette does with Bealtaine Cottage, offer piercing perspectives similar to  Dmitri Orlov and Illargi, and one day, maybe one day, produce even a fraction of the innate brilliant, wise prose that is the Arch Druid.


I finally crumbled this year and could not force myself through one more round of what has become; the collective insanity of a holiday season in a Liberal Capitalist system that has lost its mind. I felt I would rather die and nearly acted on that notion.

Two presidents, nearly 16 years, 5 WARS, domestic suffering, job loss, millions of foreclosures, rising poverty and the instructions to the public are: go shopping, be calm and spend.

We are collectively losing our humanity.

There is huge hope, for starters we have music and plumbing – two of the greatest gifts humanity has ever given itself.

Quietude and simplicity have been the gifts we’ve received this season, and snow lots and lots of snow; snow to blanket the earth, insulate, protect and shine like diamonds in the sun.


Spending time on simple tasks of cleaning and polishing work boots.IMG_1037

Working on projects in the green house. Yes despite how cold it is outside the night time temperature of the earth berm GH never dips below 45o which does not have electricity to heat it.


Watching Yoshi in the snow


Researching the origins of the wood burning stove and how to care for it. Planting willow cuttings into the snow-covered ground to grow living fences. Feeding chickens, making candles, reading articles (always reading articles).

So my message for 2016 is: you are no longer alone. If you experience a nagging feeling when living day to day that something’s not right, I offer my time to listen.

I learned a while back that constant vigilance is the price of freedom. The definition of freedom in this country has changed over time and not in a good way. If what you’re experiencing isn’t doing it for you anymore maybe I can point you to a couple of open doors. And maybe, just maybe, you might choose to slam a few shut that no longer work.

All my blessings and love,