We woke up to this


30o, 15mph wind, feels like 24o.

Time to fill the hole. Fifteen buckets later and one bucket of straw the hole is completed.


We worked about four and a half hours, from 11am to 3:30 with breaks in between.

Some ‘folks’ hurt themselves.

The sun helped out at points throughout the process and Yoshi stayed inside the GH while the backhoe did its business…

IMG_2209Twenty three degrees the night before and the passive heated GH hygrometer read thisIMG_1020 and ended up climbing to 64o.

For my part I raked and shoveled as fast as I could as each load came in; topsoil, horse manure, compost, more topsoil, compost and horse manure. I even remembered to spread the elemental sulfur after the first layer of live matter. Elemental Sulfur only works when critters break it down into sulfate – the stuff plants can access.

Just before the last layer of soil I peter panned it with the seeds; white clover, clover harvested on the property, vetch and camelina.


The chickens have a new mosh pit.

The trees will be happy. Now I have to get them planted.