Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, I was just getting ready to post more photos of the Syrup Tree Project and this article popped up from Zero Hedge. Americans are already over weight. They eat too much and consume 25% of ALL the world’s resources. When people ask me why I don’t eat shrimp I just pass on the commentary. Truth is, most of the shrimp that’s not farmed is completely wrecking the oceans. But this is one more feather in the cap of a nation of people seemingly incapable of connecting the dots or taking personal responsibility for (any) of their luxury habits.

Meet The Burmese “Slaves” Helping Wal-Mart Maintain Margins

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Shrimp is the most-loved seafood in the U.S., with Americans downing 1.3 billion pounds every year, or about 4 pounds per person. Once a luxury reserved for special occasions, it became cheap enough for stir-fries and scampis when Asian farmers started growing it in ponds three decades ago. Thailand quickly dominated the market and now sends nearly half of its supply to the U.S.

And the way to keep those prices low enough for a stagnant-wage-earning America… “slavery”

My Grandmother lived next door to a Burmese family who’s father/husband was a political activist who had remained jailed for 7 years before his release. Upon joining his family he was able to obtain the funds (through Cornell University his new employer) to purchase my Grandmother’s home. She became quite close to the mother and two children, sharing the garden space in the backyard and food that Shui Shui cooked. Her refrigerator was often adorned with colored pictures the children had drawn.

Obviously things haven’t gotten much better in Burma. I’m sure the TPP will make it better.

Permaculture circumvents environmental degradation, and human degradation because it has a realistic take on sources of food and the mechanisms it takes to put it on your plate. So eat up! And never mind connecting all those ugly dots – after all your exceptional!









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