Language is as deep as our marrow and yet invisible in these times. The words that have been imposed upon your consciousness have not always been the dominant language to describe your Being.  This is the story of Spring.

SHE died and was buried today; her beloved Sun went with her as they fled the Kingdom from The Father and second Son, so possessed with evil, as to cast them out amidst threats of injury and annihilation.

SHE and Sun

SHE and Sun2

she and sun4

she and sun5








They are each known by 100,000 names.





SHE was once known as; Dignity, Ebbing, Expanding, Emergence, Musical, Lyrical, Poetry, Creativity, Abundance,




Verdant, Delight, Joy, Healing, Reverence, Courage, Sensuous, Mystery, Curiosity, Observance, Empathy,




Quietude, Grace, Song, Story,

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Softening, Whisper, Sunrise,

Beautiful Baja California Sur Mexico 015



Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter, Heavenly,

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Contentment, Perceptive, Thoughtful, Life, Gift.

Her Sun was known by his names; Generous, Loyal, Adventurous, Fearless, Kind, Mindful, Contemplative, Boisterous, Inviting, Compassionate, Constructive, Inclusive, Insightful, Skillful, Unabashed, Joyful, Gentle, Expressive, Excitement, Virility, Seduction, Resourcefulness, Nurture, Curious (like SHE), Humor, Enthusiasm, Imaginative, Patient, Responsive, Reciprocal, Bemused, Playful, Strength, Initiative, Purpose, Intention, Practiced, Capable, Focus, Accepting.




Gradually, over thousands of years, a great evil fell over the land until it infected every heart and mind completely. No Being was safe. Those who tried to resist were swept up or destroyed.

Now it is only the evil Father and Son who are left to bring fear and chaos to all who inhabit the Earth. Their many names and deeds are known by all; Torture, Degradation, Insatiability, Control, Regulation, Limit, Accuse, Tear, Rip, Shred, Dismember, Amputate, Crush, Violate, Take, Steal, Rob, Cheat, Exclude, Shame, Guilt, Punish, Teach, Erase, Exhume, Vanquish, Defend, Deter, Stall, Silence, Retaliate, Exact, Dominate, Restrict, Separate, Intimidation, Extraction, Pain, Suffering, Misery, Humiliation, Ownership, Debt, Slavery, Violence, Money, Manipulation, Stewardship, Condemnation, Retribution, Dissolution, Identification, Subjection, Honor, Contempt, Disrupt,  Impose, Decree, Dislocate, Coerce.

They know no boundaries. Their appetite is insatiable. Every being they touch is corrupted. There are three female slaves they keep close to meet their unquenchable thirst for physical pleasure and power; Deceit, Hatred and the youngest slave, Wounded. For as long as these young disfigured girls are held captive by their names, there is no escape. The Father and Son hold them by the very virtue of their name vibration and for however long they cannot change their names they remain captive.

How this conflict came to be: A discussion arose between SHE and Father, as to how to name the youngest daughter. SHE chose Legend but the Father demanded Sacrifice.

Only the Earth alone in her grieving will ever know what happened during the course of this conversation, whether SHE gave birth to a young daughter who became Legend or her beautiful young life ended amidst the fear and chaos as Sacrifice.


Now, it’s time for you to find words. Extract them from your marrow and let the Sun shine on the Masculine and Feminine Devine. Remember – these words and meanings have been lost for thousands of years.



I would like to offer an explanation of sorts in regards to this Story. It is meant to be archetypal in Nature. It emerged into my consciousness on Easter Sunday while preparing 400 Chilgoza seeds for planting.

For those of us fortunate enough to choose consciousness over denial or distraction, living within the borders of (for now) a militarily dominant country with access to vast shares of the world’s resources, we have a unique position; the ability to use mobile technology and information to understand the Seventh mass extinction as it’s happening.

Spring and death may not make much sense if the person reading this is still spending a majority of their time plugged into being “entertained” or valuing themselves as a hard working consumer. Much less so if they still think political parties make a difference or if the dollar in their hand is worth much. Nearly none at all if they believe their choice of religious group had more to do with a spontaneous individual awakening and choice versus probability of proximity to said dominant group.

If you’re a person who has had the nagging feeling that patterns are showing up in; Economics, Health, Agriculture, War, Money, Education, Energy, Population, Pollution, Climate and are being presented as “a lot like it isn’t and less like it is” by the Mainstream Media or persons around you then you may be suffering from a sense of Cognitive Dissonance. I did not include the word Patriarchy explicitly because it has become such a weighted skewed word with judgmental persons on both sides. This isn’t about men vs women or male vs female. Patriarchy has been kind to an extraordinary few at the expense of nearly every single other being on the planet (including the planet itself). Patriarchy has not been kind to men or women.

Feel free to contact me and I will share my reading list with you.


The next posts will be back to permaculture as it’s applied to functional designs.