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Trip to Wheaton Labs Part 2

I have to admit I was ecstatic when the invite from Paul to visit the Wheaton labs came through. We’d wanted to get there for a couple of years now, but never could make it for a variety of reasons. This time when Will mentioned the invite to me I held my breath and […]

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Happy Solstice Everyone!!!!

What an auspicious day, this June 24th to stop and offer a solstice word or two. Last week I finished banging out a hand fashioned cage of sorts for Ma Barker over in the Orchard Coop to keep her and her brood safe and contained, and wouldn’t you know she nearly beat me to […]

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Redemption and a trip to Wheaton Labs

“Oh Brother let’s go down, let’s go down, come on down, oh brother let’s go down, down to the river to pray” is the song I began singing on the deck at 5am in the morning, the morning we were leaving to visit Permies Wheaton Labs while the scene of Delbert’s baptism played in […]

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