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Dat’s Sumpin

Will asks our Chartreux hyperesthesia cast off Dora ‘what is dat? Dat’s sumpin’ – in order to appease her with attention – lest she attack her only white pawed foot as if that’s the reason she may have been cast off from the cat factory.
I went outside to her area the other day to see […]

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Big Tent Circus!

Everybody loves a circus!

Clown show, Kabuki warfare, Monty Python Ministry of Silly (Bombing), Midgets, Marx Brother’s, Jackass 1 -7, and Pee Wee’s Playhouse all rolled into one giant production!

Do I take my coffee black at Starbuck’s or ask for it dark & bitter like my ex-relationships? That might include, of course, my participation in […]

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Gratitude, Grace & Consciousness

The thunderstorms rolling through here have been exquisite, kissing the ground with moisture and helping everything turn green. Every time it rains I feel gratitude.

So, now we know – from blow job Billy, to Texas darn tootin, Chicago slick and smooth, to the NYC Agent Orange golum of greatness what we can expect from […]

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