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Catching up

This will be the last installment to move us backwards through time to the month of August. After this we’ll catch up to real time and move forward in the next post.


We live in the channeled scablands in the shrub steppe desert. There haven’t been forests here for millions of years, however, we heat […]

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Sailing on the Oceans of eastern Washington

Open a window and you can hear it; the rise and fall of the waves as they drift up, crest, and crash down the other side in repeated rhythmic crackles and booms. It can lull you to sleep or drive you mad, depending upon the day. The only sound missing is the clanking of […]

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What’s in front of you, Putting Out Fires

There’s a wild bird caged in the bathroom. Last night around 8:30 she kept crashing into the large north windows in the pitch black and three cats sat on the deck waiting for her to fall. I scooped up the large blue ladder in the corner of the living room, went outside and set […]

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    Cider Press, gathering apples…making cider in the Desert…

Cider Press, gathering apples…making cider in the Desert…

Happy Autumn, it’s been awhile since the last post, in fact two months and a ridiculous amount of projects moved forward, life events, permaculture, and many thoughts, so in the next few weeks I’ll be posting what, where & how starting with what we’re up to right now and moving backwards through time to […]

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