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Why I am a recovering Libtard and why your blind side will be blind sided

Best night of my life? Well at least in the top 10, attending the 2008 Election night party at the Showbox in Pioneer Square, Seattle. We won. We changed History. It felt good.

Best lesson of my life? Being used as a Liberal tool and finally coming to terms with how that went down.

Best way […]

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A Most Beautiful Day

In the early hours of yesterday’s morning I was able to snap this picture.

One moment in the lives of three beings on Planet Earth,

in a Solar System, in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy,


in the Local Galaxy Group (Milky Way, Andromeda, Triangulum)

located in the Virgo Supercluster.

So much to think about, so much […]

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Happy Solstice, Chicks!

For a very brief period of time, one week in fact, the rising sun sneaks through the house and lands on an old bridle hanging on the wall of the hallway that leads to the back bedrooms, and the setting sun, on its way to Alaska, finds its way via the patio through the […]

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The Garden of the Heart

Spring has such an interesting energy; methodical, innocent, enthusiastic, grounded, productive, inspirational. When, for whatever reason, we have not laid the groundwork for consciousness this same energy can quickly switch from an ease-full level headed approach to the pushy thrashing bull in a china shop.

That’s OK just start over. Nature helps us reconnect and […]

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