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Love & Patterns

December 25th A very white Christmas.

I chopped up some moose meat scattered these presents for the magpies, the camp robbers, the chickadees, and the squirrel. Out on the ice I examined a pressure ridge. It was a buckled wall of ice blocks at odd angles about a foot wide and at least four feet […]

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Syrup Tree Project Part Two

We woke up to this

30o, 15mph wind, feels like 24o.

Time to fill the hole. Fifteen buckets later and one bucket of straw the hole is completed.

We worked about four and a half hours, from 11am to 3:30 with breaks in between.

Some ‘folks’ hurt themselves.

The sun helped out at points throughout the process and Yoshi […]

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The Syrup Tree Project Part One

So here it is, the whole deal, rather epic shit…a syrup tree grove in the desert


The Syrup Tree Project

Columbia Basin Permaculture is located on a 21 Acre property 5 miles south of Ritzville and 5 miles north of Ralston in the eastern portion of Adams County. Part of the Columbia Basin system, the CBP […]

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Americans, Shrimp and Slavery

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, I was just getting ready to post more photos of the Syrup Tree Project and this article popped up from Zero Hedge. Americans are already over weight. They eat too much and consume 25% of ALL the world’s resources. When people ask me why I don’t eat shrimp […]

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Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots & Jackhammer Gardening

Rain, mud, Jackhammering caliche, drying onions & hops, paying off the mortgage, water storage tanks, setting up the seed room, building the earth berm green house, living fence, tire walls, putting away 2 Ton of pellets by hand, and cooking on the wood stove, life.

The rain has passed with more on the way.

The Earth […]

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