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    Calculating Roof Catchment…and digging deeper into the design

Calculating Roof Catchment…and digging deeper into the design

We’ll share how to calculate water amounts for roof catchment.

To try to make this as clear as possible I turned to one of the simplest books we have on Pc. Page 18 for the discussion and definition of Elements, like water. (The basics of permaculture design. Ross Mars)
General Design Principles
Elements: Plants, animals, structures and natural […]

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Mulching as a way to build soil

We live in a dry climate where evaporation exceeds precipitation in the warm months and sublimation occurs on very cold days in the Winter months. We can count on receiving 9” of annual rain and hope for something more on the order of 13” if we can get it.

Given that information Mulching becomes the […]

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Coffee and dirt…it’s what’s for dinner

In March of 2012 I was living in town trying to get past the hard times of the housing bubble. I was micro managing my four rentals, taking 16 calls a day from Banks and cutting every cost possible while performing the maintenance work myself. Six months earlier I had sat on the ground […]

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