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The author lives on a 21 acre permaculture farm in Eastern Washington and lives in concert with nature while learning about dry climate techniques.

A Most Beautiful Day

In the early hours of yesterday’s morning I was able to snap this picture.

One moment in the lives of three beings on Planet Earth,

in a Solar System, in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy,


in the Local Galaxy Group (Milky Way, Andromeda, Triangulum)

located in the Virgo Supercluster.

So much to think about, so much […]

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Happy Solstice, Chicks!

For a very brief period of time, one week in fact, the rising sun sneaks through the house and lands on an old bridle hanging on the wall of the hallway that leads to the back bedrooms, and the setting sun, on its way to Alaska, finds its way via the patio through the […]

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The Garden of the Heart

Spring has such an interesting energy; methodical, innocent, enthusiastic, grounded, productive, inspirational. When, for whatever reason, we have not laid the groundwork for consciousness this same energy can quickly switch from an ease-full level headed approach to the pushy thrashing bull in a china shop.

That’s OK just start over. Nature helps us reconnect and […]

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    Permaculture, Patterns, and Practicality meets May’s Mythology, Mushrooms and all things Matter.

Permaculture, Patterns, and Practicality meets May’s Mythology, Mushrooms and all things Matter.

If you’re growing things, May, for all practical purposes is a busy month so when the plane touched down on April 26th from Boston it was time to take stock and get to work. My  private mantra is ‘the best therapy for a working girl is work’ – the kind of quiet, grounded, well […]

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Will calls me ‘superlative girl’ and rightly so. I returned last night from a business trip in Boston, so I’ve been gone for 6 days. I returned to a scene that has me absolutely awestruck; regeneration on a scale that I could not have imagined four years ago – one year ago to be […]

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The Chilgoza Pine; the Gift of Learning and Inclusion

Chilgoza, the word means ’40 seeds’ and describes the number of large edible pine seeds in each cone.

Coveted on the Global market for its flavor and nutritional value, this Pine tree is facing a number of external pressures that may lead to its extinction. The species Pinus gerardiana is found in the Himalayan regions […]

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Food is Prana in the Iron Age

The CBP home page has a recipe tab and it’s been left intentionally blank.


Food is inspiration, food is creativity, food is love shared, food is life. I’ve had the extraordinary privilege of working with food for most of my life. Hindu mythology believes that Prana, or sacred life energy of enlightenment, resides in food, […]

Patterns, Permaculture and Panamanian Checkers

Our Exceptional system of Economic growth is dependent upon
Your promise to continue to be productive now and even more productive in the future

Our Exceptional Centralized System depends upon Oil
Housing, Food, Clothing, Heating, Cooling, Personal Transportation, Medicine, Trucking, Shipping, Transport, Information Technology, Military, Government, Corporations, Banks.
When Oil is Cheap (1940-1979)
It’s Easy to […]

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Asparagus in Spring

It was one of those conversations you have over the phone, when you’re connecting to loved ones and bringing up different topics.

Will was talking to Dawn, who lives in Seattle. The conversation went like this:

Dawn: hey I’m going to the Seattle Tilth plant sale, is there anything you’d like me to pick up?

Will: yeah, […]

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Going Public III

I have Asperger’s and I am a female. I know, the DSM pulled that classification in 2012 (Asperger’s not me being female) and added hoarding and binge eating. Most of us have had to self-diagnose anyway, so if you are a woman who has just been diagnosed on the spectrum, or think you may […]

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